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Nuts are among the most beneficial edibles you can find on earth. Anything that your body needs to gain energy, fix itself, and stay healthy, can be found in nuts. Find the best quality pistachios, walnuts, pecans, pine nuts & more here if you are looking to buy nuts in Australia.

What are the benefits of nuts?

Since nuts are packed with lots of great nutrients such as vitamins, protein, antioxidants, and healthy fats, they have a great impact on the body. They have great benefits for the heart, skin, hair, and digestion. Moreover, nuts, if they don’t have any additives, are naturally gluten-free. That makes them an excellent choice for people who might have sensitivity to gluten. The nuts are also organic and non-GMO. We, in Natural Moreish, guarantee that our products have all the mentioned characteristics because we care about your health.

How to consume nuts?

Nuts are healthy edibles that you can eat whenever you want. To gain your power in the day, add nuts to your breakfast. You can eat walnuts with cheese as a healthy and mind-boosting snack in the morning or eat mixed nuts for the evening snack to avoid eating. Nuts are rich in protein and healthy fats; they have many benefits for your heart. You can also add them to your different diet programs, such as keto. Adding low carb nuts to your diet can help you lose weight more healthily. However, it will be great to check nuts calories before consuming them to make sure you have mixed the right nuts into your daily consumption. If you are considering adding nuts to your weight loss programs, find the best nuts for weight loss.

Nuts are so useful in cooking too. They can be used as garnish over the salads or cooked inside a course.


To add more energy and taste to milk, you can enjoy mixing different nuts in it.

One of the questions that most people ask is: “how to store nuts?”

Since nuts are dry, they have a long-lasting characteristic. But if you don’t keep them in the right place, they will lose their quality and freshness. It’s better to put them in an airtight container in a cool and dry space. Moreover, to preserve their quality, you should keep them away from high odour foods such as onion or garlic. The odour of other foods can change the taste and smell of nuts. Freezing is another method of storing nuts, which is useful if you want to keep them longer than 6 months.

Glass jars are the best containers for storing nuts.

Glass jars are the best containers for storing nuts.

Commonly, nuts don’t have any exact expiry date. If you consume them regularly, they won’t lose their quality up to 3 months at room temperature.

Tips on buying nuts

  • Buy fresh nuts

No one wants to buy an outdated and expired product. But knowing if the nuts are fresh is somehow involved. Because nuts can last for a long time, if they are kept in cool and dry storage, they will be preserved even after a year. However, they are some signs that can show if the nuts are a good choice or not.  If you can taste the nuts, examine them. In case you feel they are sour or bitter, it’s better to avoid buying them.

If they are packed, then you should recognize their freshness by looking at them. If they appear to be darker than usual or mouldy, they are not good to consume. However, the packed nuts should have an expiry date. So look for them and check to see if they still have time.

  • Raw nuts VS roasted nuts

You should know the different types of nuts you want to buy. Although raw and roasted nuts are both excellent and have the same health benefits, you should know that roasted nuts sometimes have extra oil or added salt. Though, the amount is so low and will not have any effect on your health. You should also know that not all of the nuts are roasted with oil. The roasting process is to improve the texture and taste. You can search for dry-roasted nuts instead of oil-roasted ones if you want to avoid that few drops of oil.

  • Check the ingredients

Generally, high-quality nuts don’t have any additives. They should not have added colour or any chemicals to preserve them from spoilage. It’s better to avoid salted nuts or make sure they are not too high in sodium.

  • Make sure you are not allergic

Some people might be allergic to nuts. For example, peanuts are among the most allergic nuts. So consider this factor while buying nuts. In this case, you can consider buying nut butter or oils because since they undergo different processes, they won’t have that much allergic part anymore.

Even as a consumer, you should consider keeping the nuts in airtight containers in dry and cool places.

Natural Moreish provides the following nuts in different types of roasted, raw, in shell, and in-shell:

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