Sunflower Seeds

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About Sunflower Seeds

Ingredients Sunflower
Origin Bulgaria
Shelf life 18 months
Allergens Tree Nuts May be Present: Peanuts, Other Nuts, Sesame, Soy, Milk, Egg
Storage Condition Keep in Cool and Dry Place
Features Raw, Unsalted, Shelled, No Added Sugar, Vegan

It wonderfully comes from the sun. This charming girl concentrates solar energy and vitamins and acts as a bomb of properties in your body. Now you have a bag of sunflower seeds that have already been removed from their shells. It is an enjoyable and easy snack that is beloved by everyone.

These tiny bombs are prepared and shelled naturally with no additive such as salt and sugar.

It has a popular seat among nuts and seeds, and Natural Moreish team proffers it in high quality with no additives and preservatives, order yours today and help yourself!


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General Information

You know sunflower and its seeds, and now you can have them unshelled and unsalted, making them healthy and easy snacks. Since they have no shell, you can take them everywhere, enjoy the best taste and don’t worry about the environment or the crackling noise.

It is crunchy and soft at the same time, a little bit sweetish, which is the star property of this beloved seed. The best reason to use sunflower seeds is that they are easy to use as healthy and delicious snacks.

Natural Moreish’s sunflower seeds are naturally unshelled with no additives or preservatives such as salt or oil, so buy safely!

Best Ways to Use Sunflower Seeds 

Pour it on a plate and enjoy it at a friendly party. If you like, add salt, pepper or any other condiment, but it is also the most delicious without the spices.

Use these tiny bombs to garnish your cakes and desserts, making them flavourful, tasty and healthy. The shell of sunflower seeds is always a concern for mothers whose children love sunflower seeds; they can also disturb your surroundings. You can easily order Natural Moreish’s sunflower seeds without shells and enjoy life, and don’t worry about getting stuck shells in your dear children’s throats anymore.

Would you like to add crunch to your vegetables? 

these yummy seeds are the best choice. There are many ways to eat these luscious; toss them in olive oil and add to vegetable salad. Sprinkle them on baked goods or bread, mix them into oatmeal or granola or bake them into vitamin bars or burgers.


Keep sunflower seeds in a dark and cool dry place. Keep them in the fridge, and they can be preserved for a longer time. Properly stored, they will last for about 18 months.


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Nutritional Information

Serving size: 50g
1365kJ 2730kJ
Protein, total
10.05g 20.1g
Fat, total
30.05g 60.1g
3.3g 6.6g
3.1g 6.2g
0.95g 1.9g
<0.005mg <0.01mg

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Sunflower Seeds FAQ

Do these sunflower seeds work for sprouting?

Sunflower seeds in the shell are better for growing microgreens, but raw seeds, both hulled and unhulled, work well for sprouts.

How do I germinate these?

Basically you store the seeds at room temperature. Take the amount you want to sprout (I take 3/4 cup) and soak for 30 minutes. Then drain and rinse a few times a day. Refrigerate the sprouted seeds to halt continued germination.

Any shell for these seeds and can I make green smoothies from these sunflower seeds?

These come shelled already.

Does it need refrigeration?

Properly stored, sunflower seeds will last for about 3 months at normal room temperature. To further extend the shelf life of sunflower seeds, keep them in the refrigerator.

Can the seeds be eaten as is or do you need to cook them?

You can eat them as is. No need to cook them.

What’s the difference with hulled and unhulled? Which was has less steps in attaining?

Hulled seeds have the outer casing removed.

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High Quality

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