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About Saffron Extract

Ingredients Saffron, Distilled Water
Origin Persian
Shelf life 18 months
Storage Condition Keep in Cool and Dry Place
Features No additives, No added sugar, No added chemical, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Vegan
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Saffron is the star ingredient in your grandmother’s bright gold saffron rice or the unique paella recipe that your family reserves for summer get-togethers. The colour stands out right away, and the taste is so distinct and delicious that nothing else matches. And now you can use this precious ingredient as an extract, which can help you preserve some time and go right away from opening the jar to getting the colourful result that you’ve always dreamed of.

Natural Moreish offers 100% natural Saffron Extract with no additives or preservatives. Keep this delicious and beneficial Extract in an air-tight container in a dark and cool place. Storing it in the refrigerator may help you keep it fresh for a longer period.

General Information

Saffron extract is a concentrated liquid that contains the flavour or essence of saffron. It is derived from the stigmas (the long thin hair-like projections in the centre of the flower) of the saffron crocus flower (Crocus sativus).  Its function in the kitchen is to provide a consistent saffron measurement across recipes, as opposed to a pinch, which varies greatly. It doesn’t need to be immersed in warm liquid for 10 to 20 minutes to release its flavour since it is already in liquid form; the liquid is ready to use.

It also lasts longer than dried saffron threads. The best reason to use saffron extract is that it can be used quickly and easily – just add a few drops into your dishes like the way you would normally add the saffron.

Health Benefits

There are numerous health benefits of Saffron extract that we can enjoy if we begin using it. It has the same health benefits as the Saffron itself:

  1. Helps you prevent Alzheimer disease

One research discovered that taking 30mg of saffron extract daily was just as effective as donepezil, a popular prescription medication used to treat mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease. As a result, saffron extract can aid in the protection of mental function in Alzheimer’s patients.

  1. May help you with Cancer therapy

Preliminary studies indicate that apoptosis (“cell suicide”) can be successfully promoted in lung and colon cancer cells. A variety of studies have successfully tested saffron extract as a therapy against various cancer cell lines in test tubes. Saffron extract may be helpful in the treatment of cancer, but further research is required.

  1. Works as an Anti-depression

In a study of 40 depressed individuals, 30mg of saffron extract per day was found to be just as effective as fluoxetine (Prozac) in treating depression. Thus, you may say saffron extract can aid in the treatment of depression. These effects are most likely caused by similar changes in the brain’s chemical pathways that decreases food cravings. These results are not so out of mind, as saffron has been used for centuries in traditional Persian medicine.

  1. Helps you lose weight

A recent study has found that saffron extract had a major benefit in supporting weight loss for slightly overweight women. This extract was discovered to minimise snacking and increase satiety, or the sense of having had enough.

They discovered that saffron prevents emotional eating by triggering the same chemical cascade in the brain that causes the short-term sensation caused by carbohydrates. As a result, using Saffron extract will help you say “no” even when confronted with tempting foods.

Best Ways to Use Saffron Extract

Saffron extract is extremely easy to use. If you cook with it, simply wait until your food is cool enough to enjoy and then add a few drops to your dish. A few drops can add a rich flavour and beautiful colour to any food, including soups, stews, paellas, lemonades and teas, even milkshakes and pies.

You can also add more colour to your cakes and pastries by adding a few drops of saffron extract to them and use them as a food colouring supplement.

Serving and Portion Size

If you want to use the saffron extract as a health supplement for its medicinal properties, the daily recommended dose for an adult is about 20 drops per day. Simply take it once a day with a sip of cool water or milk and enjoy the many, many advantages of everyday saffron use. But keep in mind that like other delicious remedies, the saffron extract should too be used in moderation.

Some possible side effects of consuming too much saffron extract include dry mouth, agitation, anxiety, sweating, low mood, nausea or vomiting, change in appetite, constipation or diarrhea, flushing or headache and allergic reactions that can occur in some people.


Keep saffron extract away from direct sunlight in a cool dry and dark place, if you keep it in the fridge, it can be preserved for a longer time.

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