Natural Dried Kiwi Slices

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About Natural Dried Kiwi Slices


Ingredients Kiwi
Origin Turkey
Shelf life 12 months
Allergens Tree Nuts May be Present: Peanuts, Other Nuts, Sesame, Soy, Milk, Egg
Storage Condition Keep in Cool and Dry Place
Features Sliced, No additives, No added sugar, No added chemical, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Vegan

Kiwifruit and dried kiwi, one is juicy and fresh, the other is stylish and moreish. Both are delicious, but only one has that wonderful combination of sweet and savoury that can really get you going towards your next target. Dried kiwi slices will hook you up better with their chewy texture, sweet and tangy taste. You can enjoy it as a snack or add it to your favourite cereals and smoothies for a natural boost of energy and vigour.

Natural Moreish dried kiwi is made from high-quality kiwi fruit and with 100% natural ingredients with no preservatives added. Whether it’s after school, while out with friends, at yoga class or watching TV (or all of the above), Kiwi-fying any moment is easy with these deliciously addictive snacks!


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General Information

Kiwifruit is a fuzzy brown fruit with bright green or yellow flesh. It is an old fruit, having first grown wild in China several thousand years ago. The small yellowish-green kiwi fruit tastes like a combination of banana and strawberry.

Dried kiwis are naturally dried and still hold a lot of benefits from their natural fruit juice. When you want to go green, dried kiwis are an excellent way to start. They’re tasty, packed with nutrients, and super easy to eat, a perfect snack or ingredient of your meal to bump up your energy level.

Natural Moreish dried kiwis are made from 100% natural kiwifruits from Turkey. It’s vegan-friendly, GMO-free, Gluten-free and doesn’t contain any additives, added sugar.  

The Best Way to Use Dried Kiwis

Dried kiwi fruit is particularly good when eaten with grapefruit or a low-sugar fruit such as a raspberry, which has 5.5 grams of sugar per cup.


If you’re going to be storing your dried fruits, make sure to store them in a cool, dry place. To extend the shelf life of dried kiwi after opening, try to keep it in a tightly sealed container or a heavy-duty plastic bag. Properly stored, dry kiwi will last for about 6 to 12 months.


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Natural Dried Kiwi Slices FAQ

Can someone be allergic to kiwi fruit?

There are rare cases of kiwifruit causing an allergic reaction, but there's no reason to believe that a person's allergic reaction to kiwifruit is any different from their allergic reaction to any other food product.

Could such an allergic reaction be caused by chemicals used on Natural Moreish dried kiwi?

Not likely; in fact, it's extremely unlikely. We have restrictions on the use of agricultural chemicals.

How many Kiwi Can I eat a day?

Eating one to three kiwis a day is enough for most people to get the boost of nutrients from the fruit. If you do eat dried kiwi, eat half a serving rather than a full serving.

Are there any preservatives of any kind added?

No, we provide naturally dried kiwi.

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