Dried Fruit

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Are you looking for a nutrient, delicious, naturally sweet snack to curb your appetite and prevent you from eating unhealthy food or chocolates while you’re hungry? As its name indicates, dried fruit is a fruit that doesn’t have water, but at the same time, it has all the nutrients and vitamins that fresh fruit has. Dried fruit is somehow known as dehydrated fruits since they don’t have water, they can last longer than fresh fruit. Even you can buy dried fruit online and consume them every day without having any concern about becoming spoiled or lose its freshness.

What are the benefits of dried fruit?

Dried fruits have all the benefits that fresh fruits have. They are just water-less fruits. Therefore, they are packed with fibre, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and natural sugar. Although they can’t totally take the place of fresh fruits, they are very healthful and beneficial for the body.  For example, raisins, being the dehydrated form of grapes, are a rich fibre and potassium source. Consuming raisins can lower blood pressure and naturally improve blood sugar control. Therefore, it is a great alternative for sweetened candies and chocolates.

Dates and apricots are among the other popular and healthy dried fruits that most people consume daily. They are high in natural sugar and calories. However, people should be aware of the number of dried fruits they consume, especially if they want to add these delicious snacks to their daily diet. Additionally, plain, unsweetened, dried fruits are gluten-free. Thus, they are a healthy option for people who might have a sensitivity to gluten-containing ingredients.

We also assure you that our products are GMO-free and have no additives.

How to consume dried fruits?

There are many ways you can add these healthy, naturally sweet snacks to your life. You can consume them solely like sweet chips, or you can add them to different dishes such as salads, yogurts, or any other cuisines. To add dried fruits to your food in a more creative way, check out the best recipes with dried fruits on our website.

To gain the most benefits from dried fruits and prevent consuming more than an adequate daily amount, most people mix dried fruits with nuts. This mixture is so energy-boosting and can be an excellent breakfast to start your day. You can get the calories from these naturally sweet edibles, and at the same time, take the protein and healthy fats from nuts. Furthermore, to avoid using much sugar, which is unhealthy, you can add dried fruits to sweeten different cookies and cakes.

Do dried fruits have an expiry date?

Unlike fresh fruits, which may spoil after a short time, dried fruits have a long-lasting life. Although they might have an expiry date on their packing, which shows the best time of consumption, you usually can safely consume them even after the mentioned date. Most dried fruits will last for a year, even beyond the “best by date” written on their package. However, you should know how to store them properly to keep them from being spoiled or infected. At least, dried fruits can last 1 year in the fridge, and if you freeze them, you can use them as long as you want.

But make sure to keep them away from the foods that might have a severe odour, such as garlic or onion, because they might affect the flavour of dried fruits, and if they go bad, they might infect them too. The best thing to do is either put them in an airtight container or sealed plastic packing. So no other food can have any effect on the quality of dried fruits.

Tips on buying dried fruit

When you want to buy dried fruits, the first thing that might cross your mind might be, “how to know if dried fruits are fresh or have the best quality?”

One of the most significant signs of knowing if dried fruits are gone bad is checking their colour. Non-fresh dried fruits usually have a darker tone. Moreover, old dried fruits are more chewy and hard. Therefore, if you get the chance to check their taste before buying, check their colour and hardness. However, dried fruits usually don’t have any smell, but some of them, such as prunes or dates, might smell bad if they are going to spoil. Check out other tips about buying dried fruit as a consumer and a wholesaler on our website.

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