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About Us

With 38 years of experience, we, at Natural Moreish Pty Ltd. provide the premium quality super colossal bulk nuts, dried fruit, snacks, and bakery/confectionary ingredients directly from growers all around the world for our customers in Australia.

We customize our products with a quality and service level to accommodate your needs whether you want one kilogram or one tonne!

Choose your favorite nuts, dried fruit, snacks, and other goodies available on our website and we will send them in eco-friendly brown kraft paper packs to you. For bulk orders, we are ready to add your favorite flavor and savory roasted type to the products.

We strive for the premium quality since our customers are our friends and hearing from them again and again keeps us motivated in this regard.

You can find a variety of nuts, seeds, dried fruit, herbs & spices, pastes, and some confectionary and bakery ingredients on our website. Wether you are looking for Gluten-Free, or GMO-Free, or Halal, or Paleo, or Sugar-Free or Vegan, we have products to offer.

We consider the global and Food Safety Standards in our production processes to prevent any biological, chemical, and physical hazards.

Do not hesitate to contact us through the email below for your inquiries: [email protected]

Introducing the real and unique taste of nuts and dried fruit through implementing quality assurance systems and creating hygienic environments for manufacturing healthy and high-quality products.

Moreover, encouraging people to use nuts and dried fruit as a healthy snack as part of their daily diet.

Our Mission

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