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Pastes are produced via mixing nuts’ kernels, seeds, or fruits with water, oil, or any other ingredients to change their dried and powder look into a creamy and pasty shape. They are semi-liquid and are used in baking and cooking, pastry, or eaten directly. Pastes, butter, and creams are similar to each other, and all have the same benefits. However, there are a few differences between them. Pastes are not as oily as butter and have more compactness. Additionally, the percentage of nuts in nuts pastes are more than the amount in nuts butter.

What are the benefits of nut paste?

Nut pastes have all the health benefits that nuts have. Pastes are rich sources of protein, fiber, and different vitamins. Since pastes are so creamy, consuming them will be easy for elderlies who have difficulty chewing nuts. It is additionally a fabulous alternative for the kids who don’t have teeth to chew. However, pastes are tastier because some spices are added to them to preserve them and change their flavor. That’s why pastes are so famous for cooking.

Pistachio paste is one of the most beneficial and popular pastes most people use in cooking. Our pistachio paste is 100% pure pistachio with no other additives like sugar. This paste is so delicious and has all the health benefits that raw pistachio has. It is mostly used in pastries, for ice cream, mousses, and confections. This will add more texture and flavor to foods and desserts.

Dates paste is another exceptional and healthy paste, which is produced by blending dates and turning it into a paste. Dates paste can become an excellent alternative to sugar, so it can be used in cooking desserts and cakes. The sweet taste it has is natural and won’t have any unhealthy effect on your body.

Our products on Natural Moreish are non-GMO and gluten-free. We assure you that our pastes don’t have any added sugar, no added oil, or color. We try our best to provide our customers with products that are as natural as their raw and fresh ones.

How to consume nut paste?

As mentioned earlier, pastes can be eaten directly. You can add pistachio paste to your salad or as a decoration to your cake. You can also cook several foods with pastes. We have great recipes with pistachio paste on our website.  If you are still wondering how to use dates pastes, we offer you the best recipes with dates paste on our website too. You can also make delicious and energy-boosting smoothies using nut pastes such as the Dates paste.

Do pastes have an expiry date?

First, you should keep nut pastes in the refrigerator to prevent them from going bad. The high temperature will change the quality of the nut pastes and make them spoiled. In case of keeping in a cool place, unopened nut pastes can last to 1 year. Moreover, always keep their container closed, because the air and the odor of other foods might affect their quality and taste.

Tips on buying nut pastes

  • Check the ingredients to make sure the nut paste doesn’t have any added sugar or added oil.
  • It’s better to opt for organic, non-hydrogenated products.
  • Avoid buying nut pastes that have honey, honey flex, maple, vanilla, chocolate, or have the word “flavored” on its label.
  • Nut pastes are mostly kept in the jars, so you can check their color to make sure they are not rancid. Dark green color indicates that the pistachio paste has gone bad.
  • Make sure you are not allergic to any ingredients in nut pastes.
  • You can easily buy pastes online and read more about their health benefits, nutrients, and how well they are.

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