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The main tool for the pastry professionals is the baking flavoring pastes. Use nut pastes to flavor gelato and ice cream, sorbets, cakes, mousse and fillings, and other pastries and desserts.

They offer an intense, consistent and concentrated flavor, unlike extracts that are diluted with flavor stabilizers, with the added advantage of a longer shelf life over fresh spices or ingredients. Natural Moreish’s selection of flavoring pastry pastes are made with natural raw ingredients and are an easy way to add flavor to your desserts and baking.

Your customers and guests are sure to be impressed with this unexpected treat: 100% Pure Pistachio Paste. When you buy pistachio paste from Natural Moreish Company, you’ll enjoy a richer flavor and texture while widening your eyes at that characteristic bright verdant green color. Made from fresh, premium pistachios, you’re guaranteed a product that will take your delicious confections to the next level.  A delightful addition to cakes, cookies, scones, and even ice cream, this Pistachio Paste adds an incomparable complexity and depth of texture and flavor. Watch gelato, macaroons, lemon cake or your favorite chocolate torte take on a unique dimension that is sure to impress family, friends and colleagues.

An ideal gift for gourmands or novice chef, this nut paste is unapologetically yummy and easy to use. It can be folded into pie filling, mixed with bread dough, or spread between cake layers. Made from fresh, premium pistachios, the mouthwatering desserts you can make from this lovely Pistachio Paste will be hard to beat.

Another Paste alternative to use in your baking as a sugar substitute, is Date Paste. We are a wholesale provider of all natural, certified Non-GMO, and ready-to-use date paste. Natural Moreish date paste is simply pitted and puréed whole fresh dates. We do all the hard work to make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable.  Our date paste provides a delicious brown sugar flavor with the added nutritional benefits of natural fiber found in whole date fruit. We suggest using it in your baking, smoothies, energy bars, and as a substitute for sugar in your daily sweet and savory sauces or dressings. Or simply eat it with a spoon!

Our well-structured delivery service will ensure you receive your order at your doorstep within minimum time. We believe that quality ingredients are what make an excellent dish and we don’t compromise on quality at Natural Moreish.