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General Information

Hazelnut Paste is a baking component that may be found in cookies, cakes, tarts, and other sweet treats. It’s created from Hazelnuts, corn syrup or glucose as a binding or thickening agent, and Hazelnut extract as a natural flavouring ingredient. To increase the shelf life of professionally produced Hazelnut paste, preservatives are occasionally added. Hazelnut paste is gluten-free by itself.

Best Ways to Use Hazelnut Paste

Hazelnut paste is used as a filling for Danish pastries and bear paws, and many countries have their Hazelnut paste specialities, especially for Easter and Christmas baking.

Fill chocolate shells, truffles, bonbons, cakes, and your favourite praline recipes with hazelnut paste today. Hazelnut paste may be used in buttercream, mousse, ganache, and other desserts. This praline paste, made from toasted hazelnuts and almonds, adds a nutty, sweet bite to your creations.

Serving and Portion Size

Very smooth texture with a strong hazelnut flavour and an aromatic roasted flavour. Create bonbon fillings by combining them with chocolate or ganache. Alternatively, mix with ice cream, mousse foundations, and pastry crème bases. Flavouring paste that is smooth and unsweetened.


To keep the Hazelnut paste from drying out, it should be tightly wrapped once opened and be stored in an airtight container in a cool dry place and away from direct sunlight. The best option would be to store it in the fridge or freezer.


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