Citric Acid

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If you like Sour flavour in your desserts and dishes, you can sprinkle a little bit of citric acid or sour salt on everything you want and enjoy the feeling on your tongue. We offer the highest quality citric acid with no additives or preservatives. Order as much as you want to change your daily flavour routine.


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General Information

Citric acid is present naturally in various fruits and berries, and it is often used as a preservative or flavouring in a variety of foods and beverages. It’s also known as lemon salt or sour salt and has a tangy flavour. Many of our customers use citric acid to clean their dishwashers and dishes and produce fizzy bath bombs (which are a lot of fun!).

Citric acid is created naturally by cells as part of the Krebs cycle. The acid takes its name from the citrus fruit family, including limes, lemons, tangerines, oranges, and grapefruits. Citric acid gives citrus fruits their intense flavour, especially sour ones like lemons and limes.


Delicious Ways to Use Citric Acid

Our citric acid has been used in various products, including cheeses, ice cream, alcoholic drinks, bread, and more. Citric acid is commonly used in soft drinks and sour sweets due to its unique acidic flavour (the white, powdery coating on sour candies is generally citric acid).

  • Food: Many processed foods contain citric acid as a preservative, which keeps them fresh. This is accomplished by delaying or preventing the growth of bacteria, mould, yeast, and fungus. It keeps the colour, taste, and texture of the meal.
    This slows the rate at which food deteriorates, extending its shelf life. It can also aid to balance the pH, or acidity, of a meal or beverage. Citric acid, for example, increases the flavour and acidity of wines with low acidity.
  • Cosmetics: When used in skincare products, citric acid has several advantages. It may balance out skin tone, brighten the complexion, and reduce fine wrinkles.
    Hairspray, deodorant, and body spray all include citric acid. It prevents the growth of mould, germs, and fungus in cosmetics and personal care products.
  • Cleaning: Citric acid is a valuable component of cleaning solutions since it effectively kills harmful bacteria. It also has lightning effects that help remove stains.



Citric acid has a three-year shelf life when it is manufactured. In its original unopened container, the acid’s chemical makeup and potency remain stable for at least five years. Keep citric acid undiluted in its original bottle or container.

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