Pumpkin Seeds (Pepitas)

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About Pumpkin Seeds (Pepitas)

Ingredients Pumpkin
Origin China
Shelf life 18 months
Allergens Tree Nuts May be Present: Peanuts, Other Nuts, Sesame, Soy, Milk, Egg
Storage Condition Keep in Cool and Dry Place
Features Fresh and Great Taste

You can’t eat enough of these shelled pumpkin seeds! These crunchy seeds have a toasted meaty texture, nutritious and indescribable addictively in flavour, and are loaded with vitamins and minerals! Raw pepitas are simply delicious, just eat and make your vibes!

Natural Moreish offers first-class pumpkin seeds shelled, unsalted and hygienic, with no additives or preservatives. Order now and enjoy the way you desire, whether for cooking and baking with or snacking on. They are your best friend at work, on a trip, picnic, and at friendly parties.



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General Information 

Pumpkin seeds, known as pepitas, light green in colour, are offered by us in high quality, meaning no additives and preservatives, no oil and salt, and naturally shelled.

The best reason to use pepitas is that they are easy to use as healthy and delicious snacks. Since they have no shell, you can take them everywhere, enjoy the best taste and don’t worry about the environment or the crackling noise.

Just like sunflower seeds, they have a crunchy taste and are a little soft at the same time. Pepitas are popular with everyone, raw or in baked goods. These light green seeds have a little bit of sweetish taste, are crispy yet soft and may have a white outer hull. Surely It cannot be overlooked.

Best Ways to Use Pumpkin Seeds 

Pour it on a plate and enjoy it at a friendly party. If you like, add salt, pepper or any other spices, but it is also the most delicious without the spices.

Use these tiny bombs to garnish your cakes and desserts, making them appetizing and tasty and healthy. You can safely order Natural Moreish’s pumpkin seeds without shells and enjoy life, Don’t worry about getting stuck shells in your dear children’s throats anymore.

Adding some crunch to your vegetable salad would be exciting. Our pepitas do it for you wonderfully. There are many ways to eat these luscious, toss them in olive oil and add to vegetable salad, sprinkle them on baked goods or bread, mix them into oatmeal or granola, bake them into vitamin bars or burgers. Enjoy!



Keep pumpkin seeds in a dark and cool dry place. If you keep them in the fridge, they can be preserved for a longer time. Properly stored, they will last for about 18 months.

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Nutritional Information

Serving size: 50g
1132kJ 2264kJ
Protein, total
12.25g 24.5g
Fat, total
22.95g 45.9g
4.35g 8.7g
8.9g 17.8g
0.5g 1g
9mg 18mg

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