Pistachio Kernel

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About Pistachio Kernel

Ingredients Pistachio Kernel
Origin Australia / USA
Shelf life 18 months
Allergens Tree Nuts May be Present: Peanuts, Other Nuts, Sesame, Soy, Milk, Egg
Storage Condition Keep in Cool and Dry Place
Features Raw, Shelled, Unsalted, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Vegan
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If you thought pistachios were beloved before, we now offer them shelled!

Our all-natural whole pistachio kernels are rich in taste while crunchy in texture. Natural Moreish Whole kernel Pistachios are a joy to eat for anyone who craves Pistachio Nuts. Stock up on our delicious pistachio kernels in bulk or retail to add them to salads for a tasty and attractive addition, replace pine nuts in pesto or add them to cookies and cakes.


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Nutritional Information

Serving size: 50g
1229kJ 2458kJ
Protein, total
9.85g 19.7g
Fat, total
25.3g 50.6g
2.9g 5.8g
7.55g 15.1g
2.95g 5.9g
3.5mg 7mg

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Pistachio Kernel FAQ

Are pistachios gluten free?

Nuts in their pure form are gluten-free. This includes peanuts, almonds, pecans, macadamia nuts, walnuts, pine nuts, pistachios, cashews, Brazil nuts and all other natural nuts.

Are these pistachio kernels dried or roasted?

They are raw kernels.

Can you freeze these pistachios? If so, what is the best method?

Freezing your pistachio kernels is a great way to help keep them fresh for a longer period of time. We recommend storing your pistachios in an air tight container for the best results.

Where are they from?

Australia / USA

How many pistachios should I eat per day?

1.5 ounces and 3 ounces — one to two handfuls per day of pistachios. You could very well eat more but these nuts have a fairly high caloric value – 400ish calories per 3 ounces. So just a bit for a snack is great.

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