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Add a little sweetness to your day with our White Sugar. It is ideal for all of your dessert baking needs such as cookies, cakes and more. This delicious flavour enhancing ingredient adds a perfect sweetness to your baking recipes. Fine, Granulated White Cane Sugar is available to buy in bulk or retail. White sugar offered by Natural Moreish is completely crystallized so that you can use this sugar easily for its high solubility. Try our white sugar in your cookies, cakes, biscuits, and drinks.


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General information

White sugar is a crystallized powder and a significant source of energy made from sugar cane which has a high purity and is sweeter than sugar made of sugar beet. Sugarcane extract goes through a cooking process to change to be white sugar. This sweet energy producer has various usage, like different drinks, cookies, chocolates, desserts, etc. Its solubility depends on various factors, such as crystallization method, time of cooking, extraction method, etc. You can measure sugar quality by its solubility rate in hot drinks; if it is fading fast, it’s a sign of high quality.

Best way to use white sugar 

White sugar is so easy to use. If you want to have a sweet drink, you may add a few teaspoons and stir. You can add this great sweetener to your cookie dough or cakes, put them in the oven, and enjoy the delicious taste of sweet cookies.


you should keep sugar away from humidity and high temperature. You can store sugar in the kitchen cabinet in an air-tight container and store it for about a year.

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