Healthy Snacks with Nuts That Can Help You Lose Weight

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It’s no secret that snacking between meals is a popular pastime among Australian consumers and is a tradition that most likely won’t change. However what is changing is how consumers choose to snack. They are selecting healthier convenient options with flavor variety to complete their balanced diet.

Snacking is definitely getting a bit healthier and we used to be more extraneous about indulgence, now we are finding things like yogurt and fruit are the top things we are snacking on.

Nuts overall are the top snacking item for Americans. Lately, it’s been viewed as something that has a health halo to it. It is source of protein; consumers gravitate to getting more protein in their diet. The category has a lot of things going for it from a health perspective. (According to Food & Beverage Industry Analyst for The NPD Group).

Nuts are also convenient. Consumers don’t have to prepare them and they come in all sorts of varieties and flavors.


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