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benefits of Brazil nuts

What are the health benefits of Brazil nuts?

Published on August 7, 2020

Brazil nut is one of the most expensive nuts globally that is mainly found in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. Although it carries the name of Brazil, it also grows in Bolivia and Peru.

With their buttery texture and nutty flavour, Brazil nuts are packed with lots of nutrients. They are energy-boosting, heart-healthy, and a great source of vitamins and minerals. Let’s see what the health benefits of Brazil nuts are.

7 health benefits of Brazil nuts

  • Heart Healthy Nuts
    Brazil nuts contain polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids, which are considered healthy fats. These fats are not bad for heart health because they help maintain cholesterol levels. As a result, it can reduce the risk of heart diseases and stroke. Moreover, Brazil nuts are one of the fiber-rich foods, which can also improve blood cholesterol levels, and again lower the risk of heart diseases.
Brazil nuts are heart-healthy
  • Boosting Brain Function
    Brazil nuts are rich in antioxidants, which are good for brain health. One of the effects of antioxidants is on brain function. Antioxidants keep the brain cells alive and avoid aging. Therefore, people can be more concentrated and conscious in the old ages. Scientists linked consuming antioxidants and reducing the risks of Alzheimer’s disease. Additionally, Brazil nuts are a great source of selenium, which is another essential to keep the brain working.
  • Lowering Blood Sugar
    Another great impact of consuming food that is high in selenium, is that it can balance blood sugar levels. Researches show that consuming an adequate amount of selenium can reduce insulin levels and improve insulin sensitivity in people with type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease. Therefore, eating Brazil nuts is considered good for diabetic people.
  • Packed with Antioxidants
    As mentioned earlier, Brazil nuts are rich sources of antioxidants, which have many benefits to the body. One of them, as mentioned, was improving brain function. But antioxidants have more than just one benefit to the body. Their main impact is to prevent oxidative stress and free radicals. Both have an impact on a person’s health, from preventing skin wrinkles to more chronic health conditions, such as cancer. Therefore, your body will be healthier if you consume enough antioxidants in a day. We also can say that Brazil nuts can reduce the risk of cancer.
Health benefits of Brazil nuts
  • Improving Thyroid Health
    The thyroid needs selenium to produce the thyroid hormone T3, which is one of the several hormones that are essential for body temperature control, growth, and metabolism. Selenium can also help the thyroid to produce the proteins that protect the thyroid from damages. Since Brazil nuts are rich in selenium, eating these nuts can help the thyroid to have a better function and become healthier.
  • Having Anti-Inflammatory Properties
    The several antioxidants in Brazil nuts make this nut a great food against inflammations. It can have a great effect on people with kidney disease. The high amount of vitamin E, selenium, gallic acid, and ellagic acid in this nut can protect the body from inflammation and oxidative stress. The anti-inflammatory properties of these nuts are one of the best health benefits of Brazil nuts that is so helpful to the body, especially in a long time.
  • Rich in Selenium
    Since Brazil nuts are the richest source of selenium, let’s see what other health benefits of this mineral has. Each Brazil nut contains an average of 96 mcg selenium, which is more than the amount of selenium in any other nuts. Selenium is so vital for the body to function properly. As mentioned, it can support thyroid health and is beneficial for brain function and also heart health. Selenium can enhance the body’s immune system and is a great mineral for women during pregnancy. Moreover, selenium can improve mood disorders, too. Add all these health benefits to Brazil nuts to see how healthy and beneficial this nut is to the body.

How to consume Brazil nuts?

You can eat Brazil nuts raw, roasted, or cooked. You can find many recipes with Brazil nuts, too. You only need to add this healthy and beneficial nut to your basket by going to a supermarket or buying Brazil nuts online. Then, eat them as your daily snacks or add them to your dishes to reach the health benefits of this nut.

Brazil nuts can be consumed raw or roasted

How many Brazil nuts to eat in a day?

Since the amount of selenium is so high in Brazil nuts, it’s better to limit your Brazil nut intake to one to three per day. This amount of Brazil nuts have enough minerals and vitamins to benefit your body.

It would help if you also took care of the other nuts and foods you eat alongside Brazil nuts because this nut also has high calories, which is 99 calories for each three Brazil nuts. Consuming other high-calorie foods without burning them may lead to weight gain.

Is eating too many Brazil nuts bad?

Like any other nuts, it’s so important to know how many Brazil nuts you can eat in a day. You should never forget, even though Brazil nuts are so healthy, but eating too many of them is not necessarily better. One of the side effects of eating too many Brazil nuts is selenium toxicity.

Here you can see you may get hit from where you get benefits. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), this dangerous condition may cause breathing problems, dizziness, skin rashes, hair loss, and joint pain. In most severe conditions, it may lead to a heart attack or kidney failure.

Furthermore, like any other tree nuts, some people might be allergic to Brazil nuts too. Therefore, it’s necessary to consider the number of Brazil nuts you eat and ensure you don’t have a nuts allergy.

Avoid consuming too many Brazil nuts in a day.

Brazil nuts nutrition info

Brazil Nuts Calories99
Protein2.15 g
Fibre1.10 g
Carbohydrates1.76 g
Potassium99 mg
Phosphorus109 mg
Magnesium56 mg
Calcium24 mg
Zinc0.61 mg
Iron0.36 mg
Selenium288 mg
(three nuts)

Bottom Line

Brazil nuts, an expensive and high in selenium nut, is so healthful. The increased amount of selenium has many benefits to the body; at the same time, it may be poisonous to the body too.

Thus, knowing the adequate daily intake of Brazil nuts can help you get the most benefits from this healthy nut, from improving brain function to helping you have better skin and preventing chronic diseases, such as cancer or heart problems.

PS. This article is written based on the Natural Moreish content team’s research on different blogs, websites, and articles. Natural Moreish doesn’t suggest acknowledge or claim the information on this post.


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