Organic Maple Sugar

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About Organic Maple Sugar


Ingredients Pure organic maple syrup 100%
Allergens Vegan, No-GMO, Gluten-free, no artificial colours or flavours, no preservatives, 100% pure
Shelf Life 4 Years 
Storage Condition Store in a cool, dry place
Origin Canada, Packed in AUS


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Organic maple sugar is formed from organic maple syrup. During the process of maple sugar production, organic maple syrup is heated and then stirred to form sugar crystals. Maple sugar has a sweet taste but with maple flavor, which gives it a distinctive zest. Organic maple sugar carries all the nutrients in maple, such as antioxidants. However, you need to be aware that it contains lots of sugar, so consume it in moderation. This product is 100% pure, vegan, and without any artificial additives or preservatives. Natural Moreish Company also endorses this product.


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Delicious, healthy organic maple sugar is a sweetener for everyday use. The tasty bite of rich maple flavour makes this natural sweetener an excellent alternative to refined sugar.

With a golden colour and natural maple flavour, Organic Maple Sugar will add the perfect touch of sweetness to any of your favourite recipes and beverages. From tea to coffee, smoothies to breakfast treats, Maple Sugar is a real treat. It’s simple. Our sugary puddle of goodness is the best way to sweeten your day. Non-GMO, gluten-free and vegan.


General Information

What happens when maple syrup meets sugaring? Maple sugar. Have you ever heard of it?

A harvest of pure and alluring beauty, maple sugar is an ancestral sweetener with a rich lineage and a delicious secret. It is produced by tapping the sap of maple trees and boiling it until it turns into liquid sugar.

For centuries indigenous people in the Northeastern part of North America have been used maple sugar as a special ingredient. 

Maple Sugar has a low Glycemic impact and can be used in baking, cooking and sweetening beverages. It is also an excellent addition to pancakes, bagels and waffles—a sustainable alternative to conventional sugar.

Natural Moreish Maple Sugar contains no harmful additives or chemicals. It is all-natural with unique flavour characteristics. It is also vegan-friendly, GMO-free, and gluten-free, and you can feel great about what you sweeten without having to worry about synthetic monosaccharides.


The Best Way to Use Maple Sugar

It works well in most recipes, requiring only a fraction of the amount of white sugar. Use ¾ times the amount of Organic Maple Sugar to regular sugar. For example, if the recipe says to use 1/4 cup (4 Tbsp) of sugar, use 3 Tbsp of Organic Maple Sugar instead.



To maintain its moisture and crisp consistency, it is recommended that maple sugar be adequately stored in an airtight container away from direct sunlight and heat. Its shelf time is up to 4 years. 


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