Organic Agave Syrup

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About Organic Agave Syrup


Ingredients Organic agave syrup 100%
Allergens Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten free, no artificial colours or flavours, no preservatives
Shelf Life 3 Years
Storage Condition Store in a cool, dry place
Origin Mexico
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Agave syrup is sweeter and healthier than sugar. So why not use agave syrup in your recipes instead of sugar? You can use agave syrup as a sweetener for your coffee or tea, or in juices and smoothies, on cereals and muesli, in baking recipes and topping for desserts, on pancakes & waffles, stirred into yoghurt & blended into smoothies or used as an alternative sweetener for cooking.

Sourced from the agave plants from Mexico, Natural Moreish Organic Agave Syrup is a 100% natural product of the highest quality with an amazing taste of pure sweetness. And with no added ingredients, it’s the sweet way to add a little south-of-the-border flavour to your favourite dishes.


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General Information

Organic agave syrup is a sweetener made from the nectar of the agave plant used since the ancient Aztecs’ time for its rich sweetness. 

Agave syrup is a healthier alternative to sugar, and because it comes from a plant, it is popular as an alternative to honey for those following a vegan lifestyle.

It’s perfect for adding delicious sweetness to beverages, baking recipes, cocktails and more. This classic syrup is also great in marinades and smoothies or drizzled over pancakes and waffles.

Natural Moreish organic agave syrup comes from the blue agave plant found in Mexico and is produced using an eco-friendly process. It is GMO-free, gluten-free and contains no artificial sweeteners or flavours and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


How to Use Organic Agave Syrup

Agave syrup is very sweet, so it can be tricky to know how much to use in your recipes.

When substituting agave syrup for sugar in recipes, use 2/3 cup agave syrup for each 1 cup of sugar and decrease the liquid by four to three-fourths cup. 

Also, you may need to decrease the oven temperature and increase the baking time slightly.



Store the Agave Syrup in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and direct heat. The shelf life is up to 3 years. 


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