Terpeneless Orange Extract

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About Terpeneless Orange Extract


Ingredients Alcohol, Oil of orange (38%), Water
Allergens Vegen, No-GMO, no artificial colours or flavours
Shelf Life 2 Years
Storage Condition Store in a cool, dry place, keep away from naked flame
Origin USA, packed in AUS


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Terpeneless Orange Extract delivers fresh, authentic orange flavour to all your favourite recipes.

Natural Moreish Orange Extract is made from the best quality orange oil. It is a savoury ingredient to flavour desserts, baked goods, speciality dishes and beverages.  Terpeneless orange extract is a zesty substitution for orange juice. This product is natural, GMO-free and doesn’t contain any artificial additives.


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General Information

Orange is the world’s most popular fruit due to its natural sweetness and diversity of uses. Oranges are a rich source of Vitamin C.

Orange extract is the highly condensed flavour of orange, extracted from the natural orange oil and added to alcohol for preservation. It brings a strong citrus flavour and sweet orange taste to your recipes.

The orange extract has a wide variety of uses in baking and cooking. Orange Extract can be used to flavour desserts, baked goods, candy, speciality dishes and beverages.

The Best way to use Orange Extract

Orange extract is a surprisingly potent flavour, so very little is needed to get the taste you’re looking for. The amount of orange extract in your cooking depends on how strong the flavour should be in the recipe.

You can also use the orange extract as a substitute for orange juice. Use it in your baking recipes by adding a one-fifth teaspoon of orange extract to replace one part of fresh orange juice.


Keep the extract cool and dry, away from heat and direct light in an airtight sealed container. The shelf time is up to 2 years.

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