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Pistachio is a delicious dry fruit. It can be eaten raw, roasted, in a salty or sweet version. Natural Moreish pistachio is colourful, low in calories, with a rich taste and a crunchy texture. And now we offer them blanched! All-natural with no additives and no added sugar and preservatives.

This all-natural blanched pistachio diced product is a joy to eat for anyone who craves pistachio taste. So, stock up on our delicious blanched diced pistachio in bulk or retail to add them to your recipes for a tasty meal! On the health side, this dried fruit offers around thirty vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.


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General Information

Fruit of the pistachio tree, the pistachio was already consumed 9000 years ago. It was highly appreciated by travellers because it can be stored for a long time. Introduced by the Romans around the world in the 1st century, it is only found in Australia from the 17th century under the name “almond of Persia”. Today, it is cultivated in a dozen countries, including Iran, the United States, Turkey, Syria and a few producers in Europe, such as Spain or Greece.

The pistachio tree appreciates the Mediterranean climate; it is found in particular in the Middle East. It needs a long hot summer to let its fruits ripen and a cold period to induce flowering. These conditions are specific to the desert. They are usually harvested in the fall but can be found on the shelves all year round. The fruit is a small greenish seed with a sweet taste. It is covered with thin red skin and housed in a shell that opens when the fruit becomes ripe. This is also how we choose pistachios when the shell is ajar. This is why 75% of pistachios sold commercially are unshelled.

The pistachio is a good source of vitamins and minerals. It is rich in nutrients that are similar to cashews, such as magnesium, antioxidants and fibre. In addition, it has a high protein content, perfect for athletes or a vegan diet.

Delicious Ways to Use Blanched Pistachio Diced

Used in sweet recipes (pistachio cream, financiers, macaroon, …) or in savoury recipes (tagine, salad, …), blanched diced pistachio lends itself to many tasty and easy dishes.

Salted as an aperitif, grilled, in powder, in sauce, in ice cream, in pastries ( oriental, in particular), with chocolate, but also in smoothies or cold meats (ah, mortadella !), our blanched pistachio diced has the taste to spare!

It is cleverly associated with vegetable or poultry stuffings, salmon terrines and sauces. It goes well with pastries and ice cream. Easy to prepare, it can be eaten whole, ground or chopped, sweet or savoury. Pistachios are one of the classic ingredients of the famous Greek dish baklava.


Blanched pistachio diced is best stored in an airtight container in a cool and dry place. You can keep them in the refrigerator for almost a year.

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