Alcohol Free Pure Vanilla Extract

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About Alcohol Free Pure Vanilla Extract


Ingredients Vanilla bean extractives 40%, Vegetable based Glycin, Sucrose, Xanthan Gum, Natural Flavour, Natural Caramel Colour, Water
Allergens Vegan, No-GMO, no artificial colours or flavours.
Shelf Life 2 Years
Storage Condition Store in a cool, dry place, keep away from naked flame
Origin USA, packed in AUS


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Try Natural Moreish Vanilla Extract to deliver the warm, comforting notes of vanilla into your favourite recipes without the addition of alcohol.
Alcohol-free vanilla extract is an excellent substitute for vanilla extract. Use it to flavour cakes, ice cream, puddings, cookies, custards and anywhere the flavour and appearance of vanilla is desired.
This product is 100% vegan friendly and GMO-free, and Made with the highest quality ingredients. It is all-natural and doesn’t contain any artificial additives, extra sugar or preservatives. Keep it away from direct sunlight in a cool, dry and dark place.


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General Information

Vanilla extract is a popular ingredient in cookies, biscotti, cake, and so many more baked goods. Typically, extracts are made with alcohol because it is the most efficient way to extract the flavours from herbs and spices. That’s why most vanilla extracts are made with an alcohol base.

 Alcohol-free vanilla extract, as its name implies, is the non-alcoholic form of vanilla extract. It tends to be slightly sweet and have a more pleasant flavour than pure vanilla extract. Also, since this vanilla extract is alcohol-free, it is okay to use for children and adults abstaining from alcohol. 

This product consists of natural vanilla bean extractives, vegetable-based glycerin, sucrose, xanthan gum, natural flavour, natural caramel colour, and water.

Alcohol-Free Vanilla Extract can be used in place of traditional vanilla extract and paste. It is ideal for cupcakes, cookies, and chilled desserts.

The best Way to Use Alcohol-Free Vanilla Extract 

Use alcohol-free vanilla extract just as you would regular vanilla extract.

As a flavour enhancer, it doesn’t alter the structure of your baked or cooked foods. So, feel free to add a few drops here and there. Add it to hot beverages, savoury dishes, yoghurt, and Smoothies.


Keep the extract in a cool, dry area away from heat and direct light in an airtight sealed container. The shelf time is 2 years.

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