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Is it necessary to use dried fruit?

Is it necessary to use dried fruit?

Published on May 13, 2020

Dried fruits can be great alternatives to unhealthy snacks such as chips and puffs. Although they are a healthy snack, some tips can help you enjoy these delicious dehydrated fruits more healthily.

Consuming dried fruits has pros and cons, which we will explain in this post and let you know why it is necessary to use dried fruits and what you should care about while consuming them.

Like fresh fruits, dried fruits are packed with vitamins and minerals that are helpful to your body, but there are things you should know about them.

Pros of Eating Dried Fruits

  • Highly nutritious: Dried fruits are as nutritious as fresh fruits. They are a rich source of vitamins, minerals, fibre, and antioxidants. However, you should know that vitamin C is less than fresh fruits because dried fruits are waterless. But at the same time, the dehydration process concentrates the vitamins and other nutrients in dried fruits. As a result, they become a better source of these essentials.
  • Good for digestion: Dried fruits are an excellent source of fiber, which helps regulate bowel movements. Since they are not as juicy as fresh fruits, you can easily encourage your children to eat this type of healthy snacks instead of chips and other unhealthy ones.
  • Energy Boosting: The amount of sugar in dried fruits is high, but the good point is that it’s natural. If you eat adequate amounts of dried fruits each day, you won’t need to be concerned about its sugar. At the same time, you will have the energy for all day. Dried fruits are natural energy boosters that can take the place of coffee in your life.
  • Long Lasting: Compared to fresh fruits, dried fruits can last longer because there is no water in them to make them spoiled and ruin their freshness. While you need to consume fresh fruits at least in a week, you can store dried fruits at least up to 6 months.
  • Good for heart health: As mentioned earlier, dried fruits are rich in fiber, and the number of other essentials, such as antioxidants, is concentrated in them. Fiber fights heart disease, obesity, and some types of cancer. Antioxidants, such as phenols, which can be found in dried fruits, can lower the risks of heart disease by improving the blood flow. Moreover, this type of antioxidant can reduce the risks of different brain diseases.

Cons of Eating Dried Fruits

  • High in glucose: Since the water has been removed according to the dehydration process, the amount of sugar in dried fruits are much more than fresh fruits. Although it is natural sugar, eating too much of a good thing can also be harmful. Especially sugar, which can lead to type 2 diabetes, or harm the body by increasing the risk of obesity, heart problems, and even cancer.
  • High in calories: On the other hand, dried fruits are smaller than fresh fruits. Most of the time, we eat more dried fruits compared to fresh fruits without even knowing. Since the dried fruits contain calories, eating too many of them can lead to weight gain. However, the calorie in fruits consider to be healthy, but even too much of that is not good too. Therefore, you should be aware of your daily dried fruit consumption.
Dried fruits have a higher amount of sugar than fresh ones; take care of your daily intake.

How many dried fruits should we eat per day?

If you want to add the nutrients of dried fruits to your daily diet, and at the same time, take care of not consuming too much sugar or calories, you should know how many dried fruits are safe for you to eat per day.

You should know that dried fruits typically contain 38-66% sugar. You should also be aware that dried fruits are not the only edibles you eat every day. Therefore, you should be very careful about your daily consumption.

The recommended portion of eating dried fruits is so different based on the amount of sugar each has. For example, it is recommended to eat 30 grams of dried apricots, equal to 3 or 4 apricots per day.

Nutritionists usually recommend consuming 20 grams mixture of dried fruits and nuts to boost your energy and reduce daily sugar intake.

Most of the nuts are rich in protein and can help reduce hunger cravings and make feel fuller soon. Mixing dried fruits and nuts as daily snacks can help you balance both sugar and protein intake.

If you would like to know more about how nuts can be helpful in your diet, read our post about the health benefits of nuts.

To balance sugar intake, you can consume a combination of nuts and dried fruits as a powerful and delicious daily snack.

Tips about consuming dried fruits

  • Always check the ingredients- some companies may add sugar or any chemical additives to dried fruits to make them tastier and last longer. Avoid consuming the dried fruits that have extra sugar. Check our post about things to consider while buying dried fruits.
  • Drink more water- since dried fruits don’t have any water, it will be helpful if you dip them before consuming. Fiber and sugar in dried fruits need more water for being absorbed into the body. Therefore, if you are dehydrated, they may soak up the fluid in your body, and you may face with constipation.
  • Pack your daily portion- to make sure you won’t eat more than adequate numbers of dried fruits and you won’t exceed in consuming sugar, it’s better to pack your daily intake in a container or plastic bag. You can also add nuts to these servings to make them more powerful and enjoyable.

Bottom Line

Following a healthy daily diet is so easy. Dried fruits are excellent snacks that are as good as fresh fruits. But you should be careful about your daily intake because they have more sugar than fresh ones.

Therefore, overeating them might be harmful to your body. Follow the tips about consuming these delicious chips fruits to enjoy them more. You can also find many great recipes with dried fruits and cook different dishes or make other salads with them.

PS. This article is written based on the Natural Moreish content team’s research on different blogs, websites, and articles. Natural Moreish doesn’t suggest acknowledge or claim the information on this post.


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  1. Ad Noor says:

    Dried fruits are fruits that have had most of their water content removed, which concentrates their natural sugars and flavors. They can be a convenient and tasty way to incorporate fruits into your diet, especially when fresh fruits are not readily available or in season. Dried fruits can also have a longer shelf life, making them a convenient option for storage

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