Walnuts In-Shell

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About Walnuts In-Shell


Ingredients Walnuts
Origin Australia
Shelf life 18 months
Allergens Tree Nuts May be Present: Peanuts, Other Nuts, Sesame, Soy, Milk, Egg
Storage Condition Keep in Cool and Dry Place
Features Raw, Unsalted, In Shell, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Vegan
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Our raw walnuts in the shell are guaranteed fresh for a healthy snack. Walnuts are used in cakes and toffees. It is specially used in making traditional sweets/desserts, breads, muffins and cookies. They are rich in oil content and are used in cookery, as in garnishing sometimes and could be eaten plain as well.


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High-grade walnuts, with papery wooden shell, and sweet meaty nuts that have a hint of bitterness from the edible papery skin is at your disposal now.

You can easily break their shells and go right away from the first hit to get the most delicious and nutritious nuts ever.

Natural Moreish’s hand-selected walnuts in_shell are entirely natural and non_GMO. Eat these healthy snacks or use them in baking and cooking; for instance, use them in toffees, desserts, cakes, muffins, cookies, etc. 


General Information 

NATURAL MOREISH is bringing you distinguished Walnuts of premium hand-selected quality. They are in shell, gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegan. Walnuts have a mildly sweet, crunchy flavour, with a hint of bitterness from the edible papery skin. These are large, smooth, oval-shaped and sometimes round. Walnuts make a great addition to both sweet and savoury recipes and have a magnificent presence in cookies, chocolate, desserts, salads, or even cheese-based dishes.

Our walnuts are just the ones you can ask for! So yummy, buttery, rich and full of flavours you dreamed of! 

Primarily they are healthy snacks with raisins, a combination that gives you a wonderful crunch and soft taste experience. Enjoy the health benefits you can get from raw walnuts just in a single bite! 


Best Ways To Use Walnuts In-Shell 

  • All it takes is a tap on the shell to make the main meal appear. You can use raw walnuts as an ingredient in your next meal, as a topping to your salad, add it to yoghurt and ice cream, or roast them for more crunch or toast them with fried chicken or any other fries. Cook the chicken with pomegranate sauce and walnut to enjoy its excellent taste. 
  • Walnuts are nutrient-dense, high in protein, and the only nut with a considerable amount of omega-3 ALA, so use them every day. 
  • Be creative and make lovely recipes; salads with walnuts chopped on top would be delicious; use walnuts to make homemade granola utilising a blend of nuts, seeds, and dried fruit; make a walnut pesto sauce to serve with pasta or flatbread.
  • Chop walnuts and add them to cakes and cookies; it will be extraordinary with chocolate cake.
  • Instead of chocolate and sugar, eat raisin and walnut with your tea, which is a great combination. Bon appetite! 



Keep walnuts away from moisture to prolong their shelf life and freshness. It would be better to keep in cool places. When stored properly, they can remain for months and may even last for a whole year if deposited in the fridge.

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