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White Chocolate is unique among sweets. Its smooth texture and delicious taste make it irresistible. Organic White Chocolate doesn’t contain any cocoa solids found in dark chocolate and milk chocolate, so it’s white and caffeine-free.

Now you can have this special sweet in the shape of Couverture Drops. You can put these cute, delicious treats beside every drink and serve them as dessert. These white chocolate drops are so convenient you can also use them as a garnish on top of different desserts.

This unique sweet doesn’t have any artificial colours or preservatives. To keep the best flavour of these white chocolate drops, store them in a cool, dry place.


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General information

Organic White Chocolate is a product derived from cocoa butter, which gives it a deliciously smooth, creamy texture. Typically, sugar and milk solids are mixed with cocoa butter to create white chocolate; And a little vanilla is added to achieve the best flavour. There are no cocoa solids used.

White chocolate has zero caffeine, and it’s so popular among people who search for caffeine-free products and love chocolate. It can also help you sleep better and enhances your mood.


Best ways to use

Using Organic White Chocolate Drops is simple and enjoyable. You can consume it right out of the bag or as a sweetener with bitter beverages. You can also melt and add it to hot drinks or design your wonderful cakes and pastries with it.

These Organic White Chocolate Drops are suitable for white chocolate cake, white chocolate and ricotta cheesecake, white chocolate truffles, white chocolate blondies, white chocolate mousse, white hot chocolate, and stuffed fruits. Nothing more, just roll up your sleeves and get creative.



White chocolate drops would melt at 35°C, so it’s better to keep them in a dry, cool place in an airtight container or within its original package.

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