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About Pure Maple Syrup


Ingredients Pure Maple Syrup 100%
Allergens Vegan, NON-GMO, no artificial colors or flavors, no preservatives
Shelf Life 3 Years
Storage Condition Store in a cool, dry place. refrigerate after opening
Origin Canada


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When it comes to sweetness, maple syrup has it all. You can use it for both sweet and salty dishes.

One of the oldest types of natural sweeteners is the syrup we love to spread on our pancakes and waffles. For almost 300 years, Native Americans have been harvesting it for its therapeutic powers. Unlike honey, it’s suitable for vegetarians and has fewer calories.

Our pure maple syrup here in natural moreish is one of the best you can find in Australia. Organic, tasty, fresh and without any additives.


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General Information

The most excellent sweetener in the world is maple syrup.

What exactly is maple syrup, then? As it turns out, Maple Syrup is a sweet syrup made entirely from the maple tree’s sap. Just that; there’s nothing else to it whatsoever. It’s pure and simple.

Canada produces roughly 80 per cent of the world’s supply of maple syrup. Each grade of maple syrup has a varied colour and intensity. Grade A is the most typical grade for drizzling due to its potent flavour. On the other hand, Grade B has a more caramelised flavour, making it ideal for baking.

The sap is boiled until only 33 per cent water remains, leaving 66 per cent sugar in the syrup to make pure maple syrup. Imitation maple syrup, which is frequently offered as pancake syrup, must be clearly labelled as such. It’s usually produced with corn syrup and a maximum of 3 per cent pure maple syrup.

Best Ways to use Pure Maple Syrup

Almost everyone is familiar with maple syrup topping for pancakes and waffles or as a sweetener for baked goods. It can also be used in savoury meals and works particularly well with vegetables and meats as a glaze. You can make BBQ sauce and other condiments with maple syrup, and it’s a great all-purpose ingredient that can be put directly into recipes without any preparation.

Maple syrup taffy, commonly known as “sugar on snow,” is a popular wintertime treat in eastern Canada and New England when the sap starts to flow. When the maple syrup is on a soft-ball stage, maple syrup lines are placed on a snow-filled tray, and the candy is rolled onto a small wooden stick. Vermonters also have a unique practice of enjoying the sugaring season with a snack of maple syrup, plain fried doughnuts, and spicy pickles.


It is better to store pure maple syrup in an airtight container in cold — 60°F to 70°F — dark places. Usually, the original container you bought it in is just ok, as it’s packaged with a tight-fitting cover. If you store it this way, it’ll keep well for up to two years.



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