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Diced apricots are a versatile ingredient that may be used in both sweet and savoury meals, such as a delicious, spicy Moroccan-style couscous dish or a freshly baked muffin. The perfect size for grabbing a handful on the move or adding to your own homemade muesli mix for extra nutrients and flavour. These are a terrific complement to any cuisine since they have a soft and chewy texture and are high in iron, niacin, vitamin A, and fibre.


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General Info

Diced apricots are fantastic for cooking, baking, and mixtures. They have a slightly sweet flavour that makes them excellent as snacks as well! These sliced Turkish apricots are prepared for usage. We lightly coated them in rice flour to prevent them from sticking to one another. Chopped apricots are a tasty treat that is a good source of fibre, vitamins, and minerals that you can easily incorporate into your diet.

Natural Moreish offers 100% natural Diced Apricots with no additives or preservatives. Keep this delicious and beneficial Snack in an airtight container in a dark and cool place. Storing it in the refrigerator may help you keep it fresh for a more extended period.

Use Cases

  • The subtle sweetness of these diced apricots complements oatmeal, cereals, and salads.
  • Use them in trail mix or baked goods.
  • Cookies, scones, bars, and muffins benefit from the texture and flavour of our chopped apricots. For a delicious treat, mix them into cookies.



Airtight containers or freezer bags are ideal for storing diced apricots. You may use an airtight container that you can use for both decoration and storage. If you’re going to use plastic bags, make sure they’re freezer bags thicker than sandwich bags. If you’re using freezer bags, ensure you get rid of all the air before sealing them.



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