Organic Coconut Syrup

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About Organic Coconut Syrup


Ingredients Organic Coconut Syrup 100%
Allergens Vegan, No-GMO, no artificial colours or flavours, no preservatives, made from pure coconut sap, low GI sweetener
Shelf Life Best Before 1st May 2021
Storage Condition Store in a cool, dry place
Origin Philippines
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Organic coconut syrup is a precious, healthy sweetener made from coconut sap. Its sweet caramel-like flavour offers you a different experience than other sweeteners. It has a tenderly sweet taste, almost like brown sugar but with a tiny hint of caramel.

It’s special because of its wide range of use; it can be used in savoury dishes, baked goods and even drinks. It is an appropriate alternative to white sugar and maple syrup and has a unique taste that makes you love it once you use it.

Organic coconut syrup contains an elegant amount of antioxidants, fibre, and minerals. It is used in savoury dishes but mainly in local desserts and cakes in the southeast Asian regions.

This unique product is vegan, GMO-free, with no artificial flavour or colour. Besides, it is a low GI sweetener and with no preservatives.

It is originated from the Philippines and endorsed by Natural Moreish Company.


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General Information

Organic coconut syrup is made from coconut sap found in the flower stem of coconut palm trees. Harvesters tap the coconut sap out of the flower stem by creating some scratches on it. The sap is collected in bamboo containers and placed under controlled evaporation until they reach the consistency of syrup. It has pretty similar production stages to maple syrup.

Organic coconut syrup is rich in zinc and iron, likewise 17 different amino acids and antioxidants; It also contains Vitamin C and B. Surprisingly, you might eat 17 times as much honey to find the same micronutrients as coconut syrup.

Organic coconut syrup can be used in cakes, desserts, different kinds of biscuits, and sweets.


Best Ways to Use Organic Coconut Syrup

You can use organic coconut syrup in almost anything as a natural sweetener. It has no extra sugar, and its sweetness is because of the natural sweetness of coconut.

 Try it with your breakfast cereal or hot oatmeal. You can also add it to your morning coffee instead of sugar, as well as milkshakes and cocktail drinks.

It can be poured over pancakes and waffles, and it would be excellent as a salad dressing because it can add its own flavour to your salad, whether vegetables or fruits.

Believe it or not, sweet potatoes can be even sweeter, so try adding organic coconut syrup.

Besides, you can make ice cream with it or simply replace any white sugar with coconut syrup.



To increase the shelf life of this sweet product, keep it in a cool, dry place. Make sure that you close the lid tightly; it is better to keep the organic coconut syrup away from insects.

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