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Star Anise is a spice with a distinctive flavor and many medical benefits. It is made from the seed of a star-shaped fruit, called Illicium verum. Star Anise has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties. This unique spice tastes like anise or fennel and pairs well with cinnamon, cardamom, and clove. Try this spice in your cooking to taste an exceptional flavor that you have never tasted.

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  1. Star Anise is from the southern Chinese / northern Vietnam tree, Illicium verum, and has an odour quite similar to Anise but tastes different to Anise. The distinctive flavour of Star Anise is produced by the oil in the Star Anise fruit, NOT the seeds, as this website incorrectly states. The seeds of the Star Anise fruit are TASTELESS. Also, Star Anise’s distinctive flavour is NOT at all like licorice or pepper as stated on this website.

    S.Chenery, Torquay, VIC

    • Dear Chenery,
      With thanks for your attention; We will look into this issue
      We apologize in advance for the mistake.

      Marketing Team, Chester Hill, NSW

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Star Anise tastes like anise or fennel, though they are not related. Nowadays, Star Anise has become an alternative to fennel in many factories and even homemade recipes; because it’s better for economic purposes and highly identical flavoured. You can add it to your food as it is or grind it just before adding it.

Star Anise contains antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Natural Moreish Company offers this precious product.


General Information

Star Anise is the fruit of the evergreen tree, Illicium verum which is native to northeast Vietnam and southeast China, where Star Anise is mainly produced.

This fruit is harvested just before ripening, let dried and gets a reddish-brown colour. It is in the shape of a star, with six to eight follicles arranged in a whorl. Each boat-shaped arm contains a tiny shiny seed. Both seeds and stars have a sweet, licorice and peppery taste and are used in many savoury dishes.


Best ways to use

  • Star Anise is an enchantingly potent spice that can do surprising things to your cooking, especially for meat.
  • You can add whole Star Anise to soups, stews and braising foods. It would add a sweet, licorice, peppery flavour to anything.
  • Add whole Star Anise to liquids fated for a slow simmer or braise. You may remove the Star Anise before serving.
  • It can also be ground before using in recipes, but be careful with its amount. The ground form of Star Anise has a more intense flavour.



Like other spices, keep the Star Anise in an airtight container away from heat and light. Star Anise can hold its excellent flavour profile for up to three years when stored correctly, but it usually remains one to two years.

A test to check the freshness of Star Anise is to break off a point and crush the seed and smell it. You should immediately smell the aroma; otherwise, it may be stale.

Additionally, make sure your precious Star Anise is always in an airtight conditioner, in a cool, dark place.

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