Sherry Vinegar

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About Sherry Vinegar


Ingredients Sherry Vinegar 100%
Allergens Contains Slphites. Vegan, NON-GMO, No artificial colors or flavors, no preservatives added
Storage Condition Store in a Cool, Dry Place
Origin Made In Spain


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The brightest flavours pair best with the smoothest notes. Delicate to the bold, Sherry Vinegar is a subtle yet bold contrast. It’s a perfect pairing. It adds a touch of finesse to your favourite recipes, giving them gourmet flair without being too bold.  The flavour is especially well-suited for salads but can be used in any recipe calling for wine vinegar. It also enhances the taste of mustard and vinaigrettes. 

Sherry vinegar enhances your culinary experience with the same characteristics as an aged Spanish vinegar. In short, it’s the ingredient that truly adds the “Wow” factor to your dishes!


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General Information

Sherry vinegar is made in the Cadiz province of southwestern Spain. It is made using the matured wine, then ageing for over four months in used sherry vats.

The fine taste of sherry vinegar is acquired with an exclusive process where ingredients such as sherry wine, grape must, oak barrels, and special yeast are mixed to bring you high-quality vinegar.

Our premium sherry vinegar produces a rich flavour that marries perfectly with a wide range of dishes. Zesty and tangy, sherry vinegar is a classic ingredient in cooking, and It’s usually paired with Mediterranean cuisine.

This product is Vegan-friendly, GMO-free and doesn’t contain any artificial colour and flavour.


The Best Ways to Use Sherry Vinegar 

Sherry vinegar is an all-purpose ingredient. Use sherry vinegar as a healthier alternative to other savoury vinegar. Here are some ideas to use sherry vinegar:

Whisk it into (any) vinaigrette; drizzle over roasted meat, fish, and vegetables; use it in marinades or add a splash to soups.


Because of its acidic nature, Sherry vinegar does not need to be refrigerated, but for the best quality, it should be stored in a cool, dry dark place away from direct sunlight and heat.

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