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The saffron rays shine here too, and when merged with the fragrant scent of roses, you fall in love with it again.

Natural Moreish\’s saffron and rose tea as its name indicates, is a combination of saffron with rose essence. Rose is the most aromatic, and saffron is the most gaily, one of the most luxurious and expensive spices. It is a soothing tea already provided for you in tea bags, ready and easy to brew quickly.

This herbal tea is organic and very healthful for the body.


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General Information 

It is a mixed tea of saffron and rose, making your cup gorgeous and aromatic.

Because of the high quality of saffron, this tea has a splendid red colour and tastes different from regular tea. Moreover, it not only has the scent of rose but also has all the nutrients this flower has, such as antioxidants or other vitamins. Drink a cup of saffron and rose tea every day to invite you to the nature party. Bon appetite!

Best Ways to Use Saffron and Rose Tea 

Natural Moreish’s saffron and rose tea are extremely easy to use. You just need a cup of boiled water and one bag of saffron and rose tea. Put it into the cup and let it brew, easy-peasy!

You can also use it as iced tea. Any type you drink is delicious and beneficial.

Try a new tea party with it; I’ll bet it distinguishes your parties. 

Serving suggestion

Place teabag in cup or teapot. Use one tea bag per person. Using fresh boiling water, recommended infusion time is for 3- 5 minutes.


To prolong its shelf life, keep tea bags in a dark and cool dry place.


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