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Are you avoiding artificial sweeteners and processed sugar? Raw sugar is for you! Raw sugar has a unique taste and colour and is less processed than white sugar, retaining the natural molasses. Never bleached raw sugar has a golden brown tint. As a baking ingredient, our bulk raw sugar has large crystals and helps to produce lighter and moister baked goods. Buy raw sugar online and add them to beverages and sweets or sprinkle as a topping on baked goods and desserts.


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General Information

Raw sugar has a nice sweet flavor, which is like the caramel. Raw sugar has a richer flavor than white sugar because of the way it is processed.

1 teaspoon of raw sugar (4 grams) has 16 calories, 3.99 grams carbohydrate, and 0.04 mg sodium. You can burn the 16 calories by swimming for a minute, cycling for two minutes, walking for five minutes and jogging for two minutes.

Sugarcane will be harvested between June and November. It will be crushed and squeezed to extract the juice and to be separated from the plant material. Then the sap will be boiled until the syrup thickens and crystallises. Next, the crystals will spin in a centrifuge to produce raw sugar. The impurities will be removed, and raw sugar will be melted to filter the impurities. The left sugar will be crystallised and dried. Then the raw sugar is ready to use.


Best Ways to Use Raw Sugar

You can add raw sugar to your coffee or tea. Also, it can be used as a finishing sugar in cooking, or nice topping for cream and berries. Many people use raw sugar to stir-fry dishes, glaze dishes, make popcorn, make cookies, etc.

You can enjoy raw sugar in many ways, such as adding it to cereal, sprinkling it on muffins and quick bread, sprinkling it on roasted potatoes and carrots, to sweeten coffee, tea, or any hot drink, decorating the top of the pie, etc.



Raw sugar must be kept away from the humidity and moisture, such as seawater and rain. It will help if you store it in a cool and dry place.

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