Pu’erh Spring Tea in Loose Leaf

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About Pu'erh Spring Tea in Loose Leaf

Ingredients Puerh tea, Calendula, Hibiscus, Cardamom
Origin Turkey
Shelf life  24 Months
Storage Condition Keep in Cool and Dry Place
Features All Natural, No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

Pu’erh tea is a unique fermented tea traditionally made in China’s Yunnan Province. It is probably the most famous and the most sought after aged tea. It ages more dynamically than any other tea because it is treated in a unique way to induce microbial fermentation after the leaves are dried. Many people drink this tea because it has many properties, such as weight loss and disease prevention.

Pu’erh Spring Tea is a mixture of Pu’erh tea, calendula, hibiscus, and cardamom. Natural Moreish offers 100% natural Pu’erh Spring Tea leaves with no additives or preservatives. Keep this delicious and beneficial tea in an air-tight container in a dark and cool place. Storing it in the refrigerator may help you keep it fresh for a longer period.


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General Information

Pu’erh tea (also known as ‘puer,’ ‘pu-erh,’ ‘po lei,’ and ‘bolay’ tea, and referred to as ‘dark tea’ or ‘black tea’ in China) is a semi-rare type of tea produced in Yunnan province of China. It is made from a more considerable leaf strain of Camellia Sinensis known as Dayeh, which are ancient trees with mature leaves estimated to be 500 to 1000 years old. These trees are typically grown in tropical climates, and while they can be harvested all year, the best time is mid-spring. The flavour profile of Pu’erh can be influenced by a variety of conditions and environmental factors, resulting in a rich experience for the tea drinker’s palate of this bold tea that can be smooth, fruity, peaty, grassy, musky, herbal, and earthy.

A high-quality Pu’erh tea has a deep, rich flavour that many people describe as earthy or mushroomy. Poor quality Pu’erh frequently tastes muddy or mouldy. Good quality pu’erh is popular among coffee drinkers and pairs well with decadent desserts. Pu’erh tea’s flavour and reputed health benefits make it an excellent choice for drinking as a digestif after a heavy meal; indeed, it is frequently consumed during and after heavy or greasy meals, such as dim sum, in China and Hong Kong.

Delicious Ways to Use Pu’erh Spring Tea

The easiest method would be to put one teaspoon of Pu’erh Spring Tea in a cup of 6 ounces of boiling water. Then steep for 2–5 minutes, depending on how good you want the flavour to be. It is best to consume the tea while it is still warm.


Tea leaves are very good at absorbing scents, so it is essential not to store Pu’erh spring tea in kitchens, bathrooms, or anywhere else where there is a lot of water. Light is another factor to consider. Bright light slows micro-organic development, which makes dim lighting the best for the storage of Pu’erh spring tea.

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