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About Plain Flour

Ingredients Plain White Flour (Contains Gluten and may contain traces of other Allergens)
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Plain flour is a type of powder made from wheat. The difference between plain flour, which sometimes is called all-purpose flour, with other types of flours is the amount of gluten it carries. Plain flour has eight to eleven per cent of gluten, and as the name suggests, you can add it to any kind of recipe. The powdery products that contain wheat are a healthier choice over refined white flours because they include healthier ingredients, such as protein, fibre, and minerals. Due to its neutral, bland taste, confectionary baked using this flour usually takes its taste from added vanilla, chocolate or other ingredients.


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General information

Plain Flour, also known as White flour or, all-purpose flour, is an unbleached type of flour, with a low amount of fat, about one gram in 100 grams, which mostly consists of unsaturated fat. This flour is typically used in cake batter and other confectionaries along with raising agents like baking soda or baking powder. The total amount of carbohydrates is 76 grams per 100 grams of flour, it also includes 10% of dietary fibres.

One fun fact about all-purpose flour is that it contains trace amounts of calcium. You should also note that this product also contains gluten; so consider other alternatives if you are looking to bake gluten-free confectionery or you are allergic to gluten.

Best way to use plain flour

As mentioned before, Plain Flour is also called All-purpose flour. This means you can use it in a wide variety of cooking and baking recipes, however, for a better and stronger texture you can add some additives like baking soda or baking powder.


Please put white flour in a dry container with an air-tight lid and keep it out of high temperature to keep the enzymes inactive and prevent oxidation of the fat, protein and starch.

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