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Ground pimento, also known as allspice or Jamaican pepper, is a spice that is made from the berries of the allspice tree. The berries, which look like peppercorns, will be dried and ground. The ground pimento has the flavor of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and pepper. Although the name and its flavor may make you feel it is a blended spice, there is no other spice added to this.


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Lift your soups, stews and curries from the ordinary to the extraordinary with the taste of the Caribbean. Pimento is the spice to end all spices.  

Delightful to the palate, Pimento adds incredible flavour to your dishes. It is a universal spice that is easy to use and works well in sweet and savoury recipes. Pimentos gentle flavour helps to make every meal memorable. Spice up your life with Natural Moreish Ground Pimento!


General Information

Pimento is a spice with a split personality. It has a spicy zing, a sweet bite and a dark brown colour. 

Pimento is the dried fruit of the pimento tree, native to the Caribbean. The name comes from its flavour similarity with common black pepper, called “pimenta” in Portuguese.

Pimento is locally known as Allspice and is a common spice in Caribbean cuisine. It has a complex taste, like nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon, and can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes. 

It is not bitter nor scorching but is pleasantly fragrant and warm. It is used to flavour meat, fish, puddings, custards and cakes, and any dish that needs a kick of spicy warmth.  


How To Use Ground Pimento

Pimento is an essential ingredient if you’re looking to add an aromatic Caribbean flavour to your dish. It’s warm, rich and flavourful with a hint of sweetness that bestows all of your dishes with its uniquely intense aroma.

Sprinkle ground allspice on buttery turkey stuffing, add whole berries to your holiday pies, or add the zest of an allspice winter squash to a savoury rice stew



This product should be stored in an airtight container in a dark, dry and cool place. This will ensure the product retains its quality. Ground Pimento will last for up to six months with the best flavour and quality.

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