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Ground white pepper is a spice that is produced from grinding the white peppercorns, which are the seeds of black pepper. This powdery spice is not as hot as black pepper; instead, it has a milder flavor. Although ground white pepper doesn’t have any exact expiry date, it may lose its quality or aroma if you keep it in an open container. Therefore, always remember to tighten the lid of its container and keep it away from the sunlight.


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Your ideal partner in creamy soups and lacy iced desserts, White Pepper, Is the new black! Peppercorns ground to a smooth powder and refined, add a gentle spiciness to any dish. In comparison with black Pepper, It’s milder but no less flavorful. 

Not just for bland chicken dishes. Ground White Pepper is used in many different types of dishes, not just Chinese and Thai. They are fantastic with exotic dishes that you’ll impress your friends and family with. Enjoy!


General Information

Ground white pepper is a spice produced from grinding white peppercorns. White pepper adds a subtle piquancy to your dishes without the abrasive bite of black pepper.

Whether for aesthetic or flavour purposes, white pepper is increasingly appreciated in today’s modern kitchens. It’s used in light-coloured dishes extensively throughout France, Asia, and Sweden.

You can use ground white pepper to season an array of meals, like French breakfast, soups, and seafood.   Our premium grade Ground White Pepper is 100% Natural and comes from the best-quality peppercorns.


The Best Way to Use Ground White Pepper 

White pepper is incredibly versatile. You can add it to all kinds of savoury dishes such as stews, soups, and pickles.

When cooking with the spice, add it at the end of cooking or sprinkle directly on your dish for maximum flavour enhancement. Also, the taste of white pepper is enhanced when mixed with an acidic ingredient like tomato or lemon.



Ground White Pepper should be stored in an airtight container in a dark, dry and cool place. This will ensure the product retains its quality. Ground White Pepper will last for up to one year with the best flavour and quality. 


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