Orange Flower Tea

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About Orange Flower Tea

Ingredients Black Tea&Orange Flower
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In the evenings, the scent of the orange blossoms fills the air, making you giddy with its amazing fragrance. Wake up every morning with fresh orange blossom tea. Delicious hot or cold, it brews an aromatic and vivid shade of orange.

The Orange Blossom Black Tea from Natural Moreish is a luscious, rich brew teeming with notes of orange, vanilla, and jasmine blossoms. The moderate caffeine contents with its smooth, full Portuguese port-like body with a sweet finish taste.


Health Benefits

Black tea

Black tea contains an abundant source of natural plant-derived antioxidant compounds called polyphenols that may aid in fighting harmful free radicals. Research shows that these free radicals may cause heart disease, cancer and increase the risk of strokes. Drinking black tea with its high antioxidant levels may help protect the body by counteracting harmful free radical activity.

Further health benefits of black tea may include lowering cholesterol, strengthening the immune system, promoting healthy blood vessel functionality and even protecting teeth and bones. In addition, black tea provides a source of nutrients including magnesium, Manganese, potassium, calcium, and the vitamins C and K all in trace amounts.

Jasmine (Jasminum grandiflorum, Jasminum officinale)

Highly esteemed in Asia, the Middle East and India, the name Jasmine originates from the Persian term Yasmin meaning fragrant flower. This queen of flowers has long been used in aromatherapy to help relax the nervous system and treat depression. Jasmine oil also is known to help remedy muscle pain, coughs and assist with healing scars.

Other Ingredients:

Finest Ingredients: Made from 100% black tea and natural orange and orange flower flavoring.


Serving suggestion:

Place tea bag in cup or tea pot. Use one tea bag per person. Using fresh boiling water, recommended infusion time is for 3- 5 minutes.

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