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About Orange Flower Tea

Ingredients Black Tea&Orange Flower
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In the evenings, the scent of the orange blossoms fills the air, making you giddy with its amazing fragrance. Wake up every morning with fresh orange blossom tea. Delicious hot or cold, it brews an aromatic and vivid shade of orange.


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General Information

The Orange Blossom Black Tea from Natural Moreish is a luscious, rich brew teeming with notes of orange, vanilla, and jasmine blossoms. The moderate caffeine contents with its smooth, full Portuguese port-like body with a sweet finish taste.


Serving suggestion:

Place tea bag in cup or teapot. Use one teabag per person. Using fresh boiling water, recommended infusion time is for 3- 5 minutes.



Orange blossom tea is available in various forms, including whole tea leaves, tea bags, and filtered iced tea. There are both single-origin and blend teas available. Whole leaf tea is usually the best quality tea. Keep this tea in an airtight jar away from light in a cold, dry place. Unflavoured tea leaves should maintain well for a year or two under these conditions. You can store flavoured teas for six months to a year. After this time, the tea will not go wrong, but it will lose some of its flavours and taste stale.

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