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Make your next meal a good memory with Natural Moreish ground nutmeg, versatile addition to a variety of recipes. Ground from the seeds of a tropical evergreen tree, ground nutmeg is an exotic ingredient with a powerful fragrance. In desserts, curries, biscuits and in casseroles, ground nutmeg makes everything taste better. 

It has a woody, bittersweet flavour and a strong aroma that adds an exotic touch to all kinds of cooking. It’s one of the ingredients that can take your dishes to a different level. To get started, simply click the buy button!


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General Information

Nutmeg is an aromatic seasoning (spice) that is obtained from the inner portion of the seed contained inside the plant’s apricot-sized fruit. It is derived from the seed of an evergreen tree that is native to the Maluku Islands.

High in flavour and rich in spices, nutmeg is a unique and flavorful spice. Its warm, nutty flavour is known, making it the perfect addition to comforting sweet and savoury dishes. 

Ground nutmeg is a powdery spice that is produced from grinding nutmeg seeds.

It is one of the most versatile spices you will come across. Its woody, bittersweet, and pungent flavour warm soups, baked goods, and drinks.


The Best Way to Use Ground Nutmeg

There are so many ways to use ground nutmeg. Sprinkle over the top of French toast and breakfast baked goods, or add it to cream cheese, plain yoghurt, white sauces, seafood, poultry, potatoes dishes, soups, bread. 

It also pairs well with creamy sauces and cheesy dishes. It can be used to make the Italian cheeses, alfredo sauce, which has a subtle flavour, adding an unexpected spice to classic favourites like macaroni and soufflés.

Enjoy nutmeg-infused dishes while they’re hot and freshly baked so that the seasoning seeps into the dishes.



Ground nutmeg should be stored in an airtight container in a dark, dry and cool place. It will ensure the product retains its flavour and aroma longer. This product will last for up to a year with the best flavour and quality.  

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