Lemongrass Ginger Herbal Tea in Teabag

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About Lemongrass Ginger Herbal Tea in Teabag

Ingredients Ginger, Lemongrass
Number of Teabags 21 pk
Origin Turkey
Shelf life  24 Months
Storage Condition Keep in Cool and Dry Place
Features All Natural, No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

Herbal tea is commonly made of natural dried leaves, petals, root or seeds of any plant which can steep in water. Herbal teas have been so popular worldwide not only because of being totally natural but also because there is no chemical used in them therefore they don’t have the side effects of chemical medicines. You can enjoy its earthy flavour and aroma along with many health benefits this herbal tea bring to the table
Grab a cup of boiled water (208°F) and let the tea to steep for 4-5 minutes, check the package for the right steep time.


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Herbal tea isn’t exactly a real tea because the Camellia sinensis plant does not (i.e. the plant used to create black, green, oolong and white teas).

Herbal tea is instead an infusion or mixture of diverse leaves, fruits, barks, roots, and flowers found in almost any edible, non-tea plant. Herbal teas are known as tisanes in Europe and other parts of the world.

Lemongrass Ginger Herbal Tea is a combination of Lemongrass and ginger leaves in tea bags, ideal for starting an energic day, especially in winter.

Natural Moreish offers 100% natural Herbal teabags with no additives or preservatives. Keep this delicious and beneficial tea in an air-tight container in a dark and cool place. Storing it in the refrigerator may help you keep it fresh for a more extended period.

General Information

Lemongrass Ginger Herbal Tea is a blend of Lemongrass and ginger. Each has unique qualities and health benefits, so imagine the mixture of these beautiful herbs and the benefits you can gain from drinking a cup of Lemongrass Ginger herbal tea.

Lemongrass is a herb originating in Sri Lanka and South India that currently grows worldwide in many places. The plant’s stalks are commonly used in Asian cooking, but Lemongrass can also be brewed to make tea. Inflammation plays a role in a variety of adverse health issues, including pain and heart disease. As a result, lemongrass tea may be a good drink for people to include in their diet.

Ginger, which is earthy with a kick, has been used for millennia to flavour meals and treat diseases.

Ginger is an Asian flowering plant in the Zingiberaceae family. Its root, or stem, not only adds flavour to a variety of dishes, but it is also an old herbal treatment for a variety of diseases. Ginger tea may be beneficial for everything from motion sickness to cancer prevention.


Delicious Ways to Use Lemongrass Ginger Herbal Tea leave

Herbal tea bags are typically served hot and freshly brewed or as cold tea. You can add sweeteners and milk because of the mild taste, but it is better to serve alone or with a small snack. The best way to thoroughly enjoy this delicate, hot tea is to take an afternoon tea break or before going to bed.


How to prepare and drink a Herbal tea bag?

Put a tea bag in your favourite cup or mug. Bring the water to a boil, then take it off the heat for a few seconds to let it cool before pouring it over the teabag (Because Lemongrass Ginger herbal tea leaves are delicate, boiling water can bruise them, resulting in a bitter taste.) You should only brew lemongrass Ginger herbal tea for a minute or two.



Lemongrass Ginger Herbal Tea comes in a variety of packages, including whole tea leaves and tea bags.

You should consume lemongrass Ginger Herbal Tea within six to twelve months of purchase. It should also be kept in a cold, dry place, away from the sun, dampness, and scented pantry companions such as coffee or spices.

Tea absorbs the aroma of anything close, which is why we still recommend keeping your loose-leaf tea away from strong odours. This may mean that storing loose-leaf tea in a kitchen cabinet, particularly spice cabinets and pantries, is not the ideal solution.


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