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About Hawaii Tea

Ingredients Strawberry grass,Apple,Rose Hip
# Of Items In the Box 14 pieces

Imagine a fruity tea, delivering the refreshing taste of strawberries along with a hint of tangy rosehips in a perfect combination. This fine black tea is blended with pieces of Strawberry grass, apple and rosehip. Each ingredient is magical by itself. Together, they form a hyper star composition. It has the mesmerising aroma of strawberry and a refreshing fragrance of rose in its nature.

With great taste and aroma, It is also caffeine-free and great for making iced tea. You have to try it once to fall in love with it.


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General Information 

It is a mixed tea in tea bags for each cup. Here you are, a cup of tea which is your cup of tea!

This lovely black tea is blended with pieces of Strawberry grass, apple and rosehip. Rose Hips are the fruit of the popular rose bush, which appears after the petals have fallen. Rose Hip tea brews slowly to a glistening red colour and makes a great tea, hot or cold. Rose Hips also dance in harmony with other herbs like Strawberry grass in our Rose Hip Strawberry grass tea. It has no caffeine and is wonderfully fragrant, gorgeous and tasty. 

Best Ways To Use Hawaii Tea 

Natural Moreish’s Hawaii tea is simply easy to use. You just need a cup of boiled water and one bag of Hawaii tea. Put one pyramid into the cup and let it brew; easy-peasy!

You can also serve it as iced tea, and good news: It is caffeine-free!

Brew yourself a cup of our Hawaii tea and gift your body with all the antioxidants it needs.


To prolong its shelf life, keep the tea bags in a dark, cool and dry place.

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