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Fennel seeds are the long-shaped pale-green or brown seeds of the fennel plant. They have a sweet licorice-like taste and add warm fragrance to dishes and also have many health benefits. They may suppress appetite and reduce the risks of heart diseases. You can add these seeds to different dishes, such as soups, fishes, potato-based curries, pickles, or even desserts. Many recipes have this healthy seed as an essential ingredient.


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Any chef will tell you what godsend fennel seeds are. The slight spice that’s big on taste, fennel seeds are the deliciously aromatic and flavorful fennel plant native to southern Europe and the Mediterranean region.

A traditional spice for many thousands of years, Fennel Seeds can be used in seafood and vegetable dishes, baked goods, Mediterranean cuisines and Indian spice mixes.

They have a sweet licorice-like taste and aroma, which complements other flavours in cooking. Whether they’re ground into a colourful powder or used whole, these delicate seeds will make your dishes sing!


General Info

Fennel is an ancient herb that You can trace back to 3000 BC. These seeds look like tiny fishhooks with a strange odour and comforting taste. Over the centuries, people throughout Europe, India, and North Africa have learned to value the many fennel seeds have to offer. This spice is perfectly blended with rich Mediterranean flavours.

Fennel seeds are one of nature’s most aromatic culinary delights, inspiring classic Italian dishes. The cheerful aromatic seeds from the fennel plant have been used for centuries as a popular spice to add a sweet licorice flavour to many dishes, predominantly South Asian, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines. Whether you use it on fish or meat rubs, soups, or salads, it’ll have people raving!


The Best Way to Use Fennel Seeds

Fennel seed has a sweet licorice-like flavour, which is great in teas, baked goods and savoury dishes. To get the most out of fennel seeds, treat them like you would any spice – crush or grind them just before using them in your beverage or recipes. Also, the seeds can be toasted and added to many dishes. 



Store Fennel Seeds in an airtight container in a cool and dry place. They will last for up to two years. 

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