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Dried oregano leaves are produced from the leaves of the plant called Origanum, which is a member of the mint family. Since this plant is grown in the hot and dry Mediterranean climate, it has a slightly bitter and peppery taste. Also known as “Wild Marjoram”, this spice gives a distinctive flavor to different cuisines, such as pizza and pasta sauces. As a powerful herb, oregano carries many health benefits. Its high level of antioxidants can help the body fight against bacteria and free radicals.


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Take your taste buds on a Mediterranean adventure as you explore the bold and exotic flavours of Dried Oregano Leaves. This aromatic spice brings flair and flavour to your favourite recipes, like a breath of wind from the sea on a summer evening.

With its charisma and charm, this exotic spice makes everything it touches more delicious. Whether paired with chicken or lamb, pasta or potatoes, pizza or spaghetti, Dried Oregano is always good company.


General Info

Oregano is a species of flowering plant in the mint family native to southern and central Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. A woody, earthy flavour characterises this spicer. It has a slightly bitter and peppery taste and can be used dried or fresh. The aroma is strong and herbaceous, which intensifies when dried.

Oregano has been long used as a significant ingredient of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. If you’re looking for a unique ingredient to add to your next meal, try some Dried Oregano Leaves. You can use this organic spice in meat rubs, soups, salads, and tomato sauces.

Our oregano leaves are harvested by hand to bring you the best quality spices. They are fresh and very flavorful, not to mention free from unwanted chemicals. 


The Best Way to Use Dried Oregano Leaves

Dried oregano leaves are the masculine energy of the kitchen. They’re spicy, strong, and powerful. The bold flavour and earthy tones of oregano make a unique addition to tomato-centric recipes, like pizza and pasta sauce, as well as olive oil-based dishes. It can become overpowering and bitter if too much is used on foods with a mild flavour.



It is best to store this product in an airtight plastic bag or glass container away from direct sunlight. Keeping them in a cold, dry place will help preserve the most flavour—the shelf life is up to a year.   


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