Date Vinegar Balsamic

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About Date Vinegar Balsamic


Ingredients Date
Origin UAE
Shelf life 4 Years
Allergens Tree Nuts May be Present: Peanuts, Other Nuts, Sesame, Soy, Milk, Egg
Storage Condition Keep in Cool and Dry Place


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Only one ingredient: Natural Dates! No sulfites, no additives.

A sweet appetizing vinegar that tickles the taste buds! This all-natural 100% pure Date Balsamic Vinegar is made from the finest dates and has a wonderful, mellow, sweet and sour essence with a delicately balanced, fruity and full-flavoured finish.

Our Non-GMO, Sugar- Free, Vegan and Paleo Date Balsamic Vinegar is widely used as cooking and more importantly as a preservative in the hot climate. What isn’t to love about Date Balsamic Vinegar! Order yours at Natural Moreish today.

1 review for Date Vinegar Balsamic

  1. This product is so yummy. Just gorgeous on a green salad. I highly recommend this product.

    Tracey, Jabiru, NT (verified owner)

    • Hi Tracey
      We are proud that you liked it; your message gives us energy 🙂

      Marketing Team, Chester Hill, NSW

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Balsamic vinegar infused with the most exceptional dates; our tasty date balsamic vinegar is perfect for salad dressings. It also can be used for marinating meats and vegetables or as an excellent dip for bread.


General Information

Most dates are harvested at the fully-ripe “Rutab” (light-brown and soft) and “Tamar” (dark brown and soft, semidry, or dry) grades when they have much higher levels of sugars, lower contents of moisture and tannins, and are more delicate than the “Khalal” stage dates. Moisture contents of Khalil, Rutab, and Tamar dates range from 45-65, 30- 45, and <30%, respectively.

This vinegar features the acidity of sweet, aromatic balsamic, mellowed by a touch of date. The sugar of the date blending with the grape must boost the complexity of this balsamic to historic levels.

  • Unsweetened, No added sugar.
  • All-natural, no added colour.


Best ways to Use Date Balsamic Vinegar

You can use this delicious vinegar for salad dressing and flavouring but try it in cooked foods, too. Date balsamic vinegar holds onto its tangy kick, balancing the rich flavour of poultry, meat, and fish and adding welcome sharpness to vegetables. Some Italians even toss back balsamic vinegar as a tonic, sometimes infused with a bit of water.



To increase the shelf life of Date balsamic vinegar, keep the container tightly sealed after opening. How long does date balsamic vinegar last at room temperature? Properly stored date balsamic vinegar will usually stay at its best quality for about three years or more.


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