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About Crushed Chilli

Ingredients Crushed Chilli
Origin India
Shelf life 24 months
Storage Condition Keep closed in a cool and dry place.
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Crushed chilli is produced from crushing dry red chilli peppers. It has a moderate chilli taste and is not as hot as red chilli peppers because it is mostly produced from the seeds and flesh of the red peppers, which are less spicy. Therefore, this spice can give your cuisines a medium heat taste. Store this spice in an airtight container in a cool and dry place. Crushed chilli can generally last about 2 to 3 years.

General Information

Chilli pepper is the fruit of a family of plants called Capsicum pepper plants. There are around 300 varieties of chillies in a great variety of sizes, shapes and colours with different levels of pungency. It has been said that chilli peppers originated in Mexico. However, they were spread across the world after Christopher Columbus encounter them in the so-called new world. Today, chilli pepper is cultivated globally with China, Mexico, India, Spain and United States leading its production around the world. Although chilli peppers are used in fresh form in many cuisines, but they are a wide variety of products made from them that are very popular. Chilli Powder and Crushed Chilli are among the most used chilli products around the world, both made from dried fresh chillies.

Health Benefits

Crushed Chilli contains potassium, manganese and flavonoids along with vitamins C, E and B6, which have strong antioxidant properties. It helps strengthen the immune system, lowers blood sugar level and can mitigate migraines. Crushed Chilli is believed to lower blood cholesterol and reduce the intensity of pain signals in the body. Moreover, it boosts metabolism and can have a positive effect on weight loss. Of course, with all health benefits of Crushed Chiili, it is recommended to use it in moderate portions in the daily diet. Moreover, pregnant and lactating women must consult their doctor before consuming Crushed Chilli. Also, people with gastrointestinal diseases such as stomach ulcers are strongly advised to use this product.

Delicious Ways to Use Crushed Chilli

Crushed Chilli have a moderate spicy taste and can be used directly on meals or during cooking, depending on your preference. Crushed Chilli can be a great addition to many recipes such in kebabs, stews, soups, salads and sauces. It goes really well with grilled meats such as grilled wings and fried chicken.


Keep Crushed Chilli in a cool, dry place away from sun. Make sure that the lid of its container is tight and no moisture penetrates into the container. In the best storage conditions, you can keep Crushed Chilli on for up to 2-3 years.

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