Chardonnay Vinegar

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About Chardonnay Vinegar


Ingredients White Wine Vinegar, Grape Must Concentrate
Allergens Contains Slphites. Vegan, NON-GMO, GF, No artificial colors or flavors, unpasteurized, unfiltered , 6%acidity
Storage Condition Store in a Cool, Dry Place
Origin Made In France


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A rich, versatile and balanced vinegar with a complex and fruity flavour derived from green grapes. Natural Moreish Chardonnay Vinegar is the very picture of sophistication.

A kiss of Chardonnay, a kiss of vinegar, imagine the flavours of this vinegar sparked with a flash of French whimsy. The subtleness of chardonnay vinegar is a great way to end any meal with grace and finesse. The perfect ingredient for salad dressings, veggie egg rolls and grilled chicken wings. It’s so delicious it should be illegal!


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General Information 

Chardonnay vinegar is made with green grapes (chardonnay grapes) and has a fresh yet sour and harmonious flavour. It makes a great accompaniment to roasted meats and fish as well as a milder alternative to lemon or lime juice.

Chardonnay vinegar has the ability to transform any gourmet dish into a delicacy.

Our Chardonnay Vinegar is a refreshing vinegar produced from the green grapes of northern France. It is also Vegan-friendly, GMO-free and doesn’t contain any artificial colour and flavour.


The Best Way to Use Chardonnay Vinegar

Chardonnay vinegar pairs well with fresh fruits and vegetables, but there are lots of ways to get creative with this humble ingredient. From grilled cheese to Greek salad, there is a spectrum of what can be achieved with a bottle of Chardonnay vinegar. You can use it for brining, vinaigrette, brightening your recipes, and braising. 


Chardonnay vinegar is best stored in a cool, dark cupboard, away from direct heat or sunlight. After using for your recipes, tightly reseal the bottle to keep the rest fresh. The shelf life of Chardonnay vinegar is two years.

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