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No doubt you already tasted caraway seeds, if you’ve ever tried rye bread.

Natural Moreish highly aromatic caraway seeds with their distinctive mild anise flavour, add an earthy taste with a hint of citrus and pepper to your dishes.

Toast our high-quality caraway seeds and get a flavourful, lovely addition to your loaves of bread and salads. When the seed is cooked or dry roasted, the earthy anise-fennel taste comes up.
We offer 100% Natural caraway seeds in Natural Moreish:
• Highly aromatic, slightly bitter
• Light tan to brown
• The best quality


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General information

Caraway seeds are from a biennial plant that grows in Europe, Asia, and North Africa in height of 40 to 60 centimetres (15 to 24 inches).

As the plant’s fruits (Caraway Seeds) are crescent- shape achenes with five pale ridges, they can be confused with fennel and cumin but in fact, the caraway seed is darker in colour and taste more bitter. Caraway achenes measure around 0.08 inches long and its anise flavour is also less distinct than it is in fennel seeds.

They are usually harvested in the middle of Summer upon ripening when the seeds’ colour is almost brown to grey, with a pale outline.

Caraway seeds are probably one of the oldest used spices, having been eaten for thousands of years, and in Ancient Egypt they were used to treat heartburn, bloating, loss of appetite, and mild stomach complaints and is a great digestive aid.

Best way to use caraway seeds

Caraway seeds are used as a spice in bread and cakes, but they are also used in alcoholic beverages, desserts, European cheeses, curry, and Tunisian traditional food, among others.

Distilled caraway seeds’ oil is also used to add a pleasant smell to fragrant toiletry products such as soaps and perfumes.

This spice can be used as a substitute for several spices which are coming from the Apiaceae family, such as aniseed, celery and dill seeds, fennel seed, coriander and whole cumin. Surely, the flavour won’t be the same but provides a unique and distinctive flavour while not being wholly dissimilar.
On the other hand, Caraway can be substituted with both aniseed and fennel seeds which will give the same liquorice note to your dishes.


Properly stored, caraway seed will generally stay at best up to 6 months after you opened the pack. However, as long as you keep these spices away from sunlight and heat in containers with tight-fitting lids, you can maximise the shelf life to better retain flavour and potency and keep them fresh.

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