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If you’re a fan of the smell and taste of anise, aniseed, fennel and mint, you’ll love our ground Caraway seeds! With strong aniseed and mint flavour, this native spice makes a wonderful addition to bread, cakes, biscuits, baked breadsticks and some European cheeses. Also, it is a great flavour addition to fish and meat dishes, soups and veggies to taste them like Tunisian Cuisines.
Interestingly, Caraway flavours the liqueur ‘Kummel’ and is used in making gins and schnapps.
In Natural Moreish we offer 100% Natural ground caraway seeds.
• Highly aromatic, slightly bitter
• Light tan to brown
• The best quality


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General Information

Caraway Seeds (also known as meridian fennel and Persian cumin) are native to Asia as well as northern, central Europe and northern Africa.
Caraway seeds are probably one of the oldest used spices, having been eaten for thousands of years, and in Ancient Egypt they were used to treat heartburn, bloating, loss of appetite, and mild stomach complaints and is a great digestive aid.

Best way to use ground Caraway

Ground caraway seed is a product with many uses. It imparts a warm, mildly aniseed flavour to beverages, baked goods, cheese and a variety of sweet or savoury recipes. Use it in your desserts and main dishes and it gives your dishes a pungent aroma and a distinct, sweet but tangy flavour. Caraway Seed Ground adds a unique flavour to carrots, potato and cabbage dishes.


Properly stored, caraway seed will generally stay at best up to 6 months after you opened the pack. However, since it is dry, it is usually used more than its expiration date. To maximize the shelf life of caraway seed to better retain flavour and potency, store this tasty ingredient in a cool and dark space in containers with tight-fitting lids.

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