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Our Brown Sugar is 100% pure cane sugar and always nicely brown all the way through. It contains no fat or cholesterol and has 15 calories per teaspoon. Natural Moreish Brown Sugar is a versatile ingredient that suits all your sweetening needs. This light brown sugar has the perfect amount of molasses to complete any sweet and savoury recipe. Try our lightly brown sugar in brownies, coffee cake, gingerbread and more. Buy brown sugar in Bulk and save today! You’ll love the natural moistness and molasses flavour it lends to baked goods.


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General information

Brown sugar is unrefined or partially refined sugar with different amounts of molasses, having a higher nutritional value. Every 100 grams of this sugar has 380 calories. Moreover, it consists of some important minerals like sodium, potassium, iron and magnesium. You can use this healthy sugar by any amount you need to keep yourself energetic and satisfied.

Best way to use brown sugar 

Brown sugar has the same amount of sweetness as white sugar. So, if you are aiming to use brown sugar instead of white sugar, you can do so with a ratio of one to one. One particularly important thing to remember is that due to containing molasses, brown sugar retains more water, therefore giving your sweets a denser, moist texture. All in all, You could say that it’s better to use white sugar if you are baking confectionary that needs rising.

If you want to cook great Confectionery products, it is better to use white and brown sugar in equal proportions, so the texture of your sweets would be great. Plus the fact that it is healthier you can use this kind of sugar in your drinks.


This product is susceptible to humidity, so make sure to keep it in a cool, rustproof container with tightened lid, away from direct sunshine and humidity. Stored this way, this product lasts six months after opening the pack.

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