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Ground Star Anise is a spice that is made by grounding anise seed. Although it doesn’t have the strong flavor of anise seed, the ground star anise still tastes sweet and licorice-like. It is used to make cakes, bread, and cookies. It some recipes, this spice is combined with cinnamon and other spices to give dishes a distinctive flavor.


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Star Anise is the star of spices. It has a unique sweet and licorice-like flavour similar to aniseed, and it is used variously in many blend spices such as Indian Garam masala and Chinese five-spice.

Although the flavour and aroma of Ground Star Anise aren’t as intense as whole star anise, it is perfect for making fabulous cakes, bread and cookies.

Ground star anise is made by grinding Star Anise Seeds. Star Anise is a fruit of an evergreen tree native to northern Vietnam and southern China’s woods. It has between 6 to 8 follicles; each follicle contains a shiny, dark seed. These seeds are collected and ground to make this precious spice.

Ground Star Anise contains antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties and is offered by Natural Moreish Company. Place this unique spice in an airtight container away from direct sunlight and heat, better in a cool and dry place.


General Information

Star Anise is the ripe dried fruit of “Illicium Verum,” an evergreen tree that grows in North Vietnam and South China. This fruit usually has between 6 to 8 boat-shaped points. Each point contains a dark coloured shiny seed. Star Anise is harvested just before ripening, then sun-dried.

Ground Star Anise is more versatile than whole star anise. You can add it to various dishes, especially soups and broths. Besides its sweet and licorice flavour, it has a pleasing peppery flavour that can do amazing things to your food.

Star Anise has a brownish Woody colour. The seeds inside it would be gathered and ground to make ground star anise. Ground Star Anise has a milder flavour and aroma than whole Star Anise. The combination of its sweet, licorice-like and peppery flavour is rarely seen among spices. And it is in the form of powder, so it is the best for experimenting around the kitchen.


Best ways to use Ground Star Anise

Ground Star Anise is superb to sprinkle in mulled wines, ciders, ginger snap and pumpkin recipes.

It is also the best with meat and bruises, just like the whole form, unless you have trouble removing the Star Anises before serving.

Star Anise is also versatile in its sweet side; for instance, you can pair it with cinnamon and sugar, mix and add them to your delicious toasts, pancakes and muffins.

Star Anise Powder is well paired with cloves and fennel too.



Like every other spice, place Ground Star Anise in a dry and cool place. Ground Star Anise would remain its flavour for about six to twelve months if stored properly. Always keep Star Anise Powder in an airtight container, away from direct sunlight and heat.

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